To the Editor:

Let’s get Chatham Memorial Park in shape


To the Editor:

This letter is in regard to the poor appearance of the Chatham Memorial Park. I saw in the paper several weeks ago that the last lot had been sold at the Siler City Cemetery.

Chatham Memorial Park was started years ago. My parents and grandparents were the first ones who bought lots, and they surround the center “fountain.” My husband and I have 21 family members buried in the park, and we are very concerned with upkeep on the park and the appearance that it presents to everyone in Siler City and those traveling on U.S. Hwy. 64.

In the original paper works (deeds), the park had strict rules about the gravesites and how they were to be maintained. The park was supposed to a paved driveway around it. The conditions of many of the grave sites have all sorts of paraphernalia that are allowed to put there. The work of maintaining the grass and weeds all around the park is very unsightly. The road has always been rocked, and a slight rain causes muddy conditions for those visiting their loved one’s graves and those burying their loved ones. They recently added a single wooden handrail at the front, which is unsightly. The handrail is not what this space needs for handicapped people or others when weather conditions when mourners are trying to get to grave sites.

My mother is 99 years old and was one of the first buyers. She is very upset that the park is in the shape it is.

Please ask that lot owners with loved ones buried there to help get the park in the shape that everyone in Siler City can be proud of.

Pamelia Barth Jacobs