Family-owned Wilson Brothers taking new spin on trucking

BEAR CREEK — Jeff Wilson was more or less destined to end up working for Wilson Brothers. The company, originally called W.A. Wilson Poultry, was started by his grandfather Walter Wilson in …

Diversity at The Plant, Businesses thrive, growing together

The Plant on Lorax Lane in Pittsboro has lived many lives. The facility now boasts 12 diverse tenants, from electricians and engineers, to organic and sustainable products, to craft distillers. Owner Lyle Estill calls the facility an eco-industrial park which also hosts the Chatham Beverage District.

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Community Calendar for March 14

Calendar of Events in Chatham County and the surrounding area

Ch@t: Chatham’s United Way funds agencies to nurture, strengthen community

The United Way of Chatham County is the largest annual provider of funds to Chatham’s nonprofit entities. This week, we speak with its executive director, Dina Reynolds, about the United Way’s …

War experience bolsters student’s research work in bulletproof materials

“I thought I was dead,” said U.S. Army veteran Sgt. Brent Patterson, recalling the confusion in the unsettled moments following an explosion in Afghanistan that left him and his buddies …

All things orchid: Orchid Gallery helps with delicate, exotic flowers

Orchids are elegant, unique and delicate. And with long-lasting blooms ranging from the simple to the exotic, they’re prized and highly sought-after plants. But even though they’re prolific, they can be difficult to nurture and care for. At Pittsboro’s Orchid Gallery, which has been growing, distributing and babysitting orchids and similar flora for 26 years, the flower’s dramatic impact makes the effort worth it.

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Mama not only female teaching life’s lessons

As I’ve had more birthdays, I’ve come to realize just how much my folks actually knew and just how much I miss them. See, years ago when I wore a younger man’s clothes and my parents were still …

Sunshine Week time to celebrate openness, knowledge

It’s Sunshine Week across North Carolina and the nation. And no, that doesn’t signify an end to winter and the rains that have hammered our region since the fall — although we can always hope …

Let’s leverage Chatham Park’s tax base for the community’s good

As a Chatham resident off and on since 1970 I have observed a lot change in our county — some good, some bad. That notion that depends greatly on one’s point of view. I will admit that it is …