A car and truck parade


Chatham County Group Homes Inc., a non-profit organization that was established in 1984 to house and support adults with developmental disabilities, held a parade of car show vehicles for a birthday celebration for one of its residents.

Tamara Patterson of Chatham County came up with the idea of a birthday parade for her brother, Charles, who is physically and mentally challenged and observed his 62nd birthday last week.

Growing up, Charles loved trucks and anything that had a motor and would make pretend trucks out of bricks and drive them all day long. The parade brought together local residents who drove by the group home to celebrate Charles' birthday as well as the other residents.

A group of local Ford Mustang owners, who often participate in local parades, participated in the parade, showing off their 'car show' vehicles.

A group of motorcycle riders also took place in the birthday parade. Charles' nephew, Travis Patterson, who works at Community In Schools, is an avid motorcycle rider and he and his motorcycle club participated in the event.

The parade also included 'big trucks' to show Charles they were grateful for his special day.