Here’s why I’m voting for Lewis Hendricks


I’ve always tried to be a good neighbor, which is why I feel compelled to speak out regarding the Chatham County primary elections.

We have two Briar Chapel residents running for Commissioner of District Three of Chatham County, but there is one that causes me concern. David Delaney sued me, my husband and six of our neighbors. He never talked to us in advance about our properties affecting his nor did he give us warning of his suit. He never expressed interest in how this affected us nor displayed concern for any financial damage caused. It was a year and half of stress. It cost my husband an opportunity at another university. We couldn’t sell our house and move without serious financial loss. I can’t speak for others. I do know we weren’t the only ones his suit financially affected.

So while some people may think this was just a tactic to force the Briar Chapel’s HOA’s hand, why did he sue his neighbors and not just the HOA, Dickerson, and Newland? I also never understood why our particular household was sued. Even the videos Mr. Delaney posted on Next Door, showed the water coming in a different direction than our house. The law suit is a public record if anyone would like to read it.

I know I cannot trust David Delaney to protect my family’s interests. He’s proven I can’t trust him. So I’m voting Lewis Hendricks, who is a more reliable choice with a track record of service in this primary election. Since there isn’t a Republic candidate, this is the real election for Chatham County District Three Commissioner. I hope the majority of voters do too so we have someone who will work for us.

Karie Hill
Chapel Hill