Dr. Nasir Shaikh

2020 Candidate Questionnaire - U.S. Congress, N.C. District 4, Republican


Dr. Nasir Shaikh

Date/place of birth: 1968, U.S.A.

Current occupation: Host, The Dr. Nasir Shaikh Show on The Conservative Commandos Radio Network & American Uncensored News TV Network in California

E-mail: drnasir@drnasirshaikh.com

Campaign website/social media: drnasirshaikh.com; facebook.com/TheNasirShaikhShow; twitter.com/NasirShaikhShow

Family (names & ages, as of Election Day, of immediate family members): Samina Shaikh, spouse; Hasan Shaikh, Sultan Shaikh, sons; Kirren Shaikh, daughter

Party affiliation: Republican

Current and previous elected offices held or sought & terms of service: N/A

Why are you seeking this office?: We need to bring together pragmatism and conservatism, “Pragservative,” into politics. President Trump has begun the process. I want to continue the process of MAGAA, “Making America Greater Again & Again.” North Carolina will be one of the states at the forefront. I have always believed America has been the greatest country in the history of mankind. America has been great in her past. America is greater currently and will continue to be even greater in the future. That is why I am running. We cannot cede the country to the Democrats, to their acolytes who are Alt-Leftists, MSM and Democratic State Party controlled media. We need to stop the socialist movement percolating within the Democratic Party being propagandized in our academic institutions beginning with Pre-K, then metastasizing throughout elementary, middle and high school and finally becoming a full born cancer in our colleges and universities. President Trump needs allies and i intend on doing whatever i can to help him MAGAA.  

Give us three goals that are specific, measurable and attainable you would have if elected: Did not answer

In your mind, what is the biggest issues facing the U.S. and what will you do in Congress to address those issues?: Did not answer

If you were to win, what would your tenure mean for Chatham County and its residents?: Did not answer

What differentiates you from your opponent which makes you the better candidate to represent your party?: Did not answer

Describe how you see immigration and border security and how you will approach them if elected: Did not answer 

What is the role of the federal government in education and what legislation would you support to fulfill that role?: Did not answer 

Describe what you think should be our foreign policy priorities. If elected, how would you advance those priorities? Be specific: Did not answer

Do you think citizens should have more control over the information collected about them by corporations through the use of companies’ products and services? If so, how would you make that happen?: Did not answer 

Describe what you think should be our country’s economic priorities. If elected, how would you advance those priorities? Be specific: Did not answer 

What are the biggest challenges in Congress right now and how would you address them: Did not answer

Biographical Facts

Political/government hero(s): Did not answer

Favorite book: Did not answer

Book most recently read: Did not answer

Favorite film: Did not answer

Hobbies: Did not answer

Church/civic involvement: Did not answer

Personal motto or one-line philosophy: Did not answer

Strongest childhood ambition: Did not answer

Most significant life goal you’ve accomplished: Did not answer

Goal you haven’t accomplished yet: Did not answer