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I think some of the funniest people on the planet are the Brits. The Kid would start and finish any list of hilarious U.K. people with Monty Python. But I find just about every aspect of Brits … more
“Now we season it. Where’s the salt and pepper?” A blank look and a couple of very slow blinks. “I don’t have any.” If the child had come to the door dressed in an Easter Bunny … more
Eating out can be tons of fun. But there are also a bunch of drawbacks, as well. Waiting. Not only do you have to wait for a table, you have to wait for a server to take your order. Then the … more
“It tastes like mofongo.” — TV chef Guy Fieri on tasting mofongo for the first time. The line was funny, but also true. Nothing really tastes like that Caribbean dish made of fried … more
You’d think that as much as I love all things spud, I would be a regular gnocchi eater. And if you did, you’d be wrong, Gentle Reader. Until last week, I’ve never in my life had … more
“Yeah, but I didn’t know the cookies would be so good!” — my boss, when I offered him his seventh cookie. He said, “Keep them away from me!” “But when I said I was thinking of … more
You know those tall, blinding, hats that chefs wear? Not the mushroom-shaped ones, but the tall straight ones with pleats? They have stories about that hat (called a “toque blanche”) in the … more
When I took the job at the car dealership, there was one thing I didn’t think of, and one thing I didn’t know. In February, when I accepted this new position, I was thinking about dressing in … more
In the spring a young child’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of fields of pick your own strawberries. (Apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson.) When The Kid was little we often visited local farms … more
When people find out that I write a food column, they usually have a couple of questions. “What restaurants do you review?” Although I always have plenty of strong, emphatic opinions, I … more
It took forever and at times seemed like a futile pursuit, but I finally did it. After many years, and many tears, I produced a batch of biscuits that would make any little old Southern lady … more
So, this week I experienced a few new things. After one year, one month, and six days, I hugged The Kid. My child has rheumatoid arthritis and is on immunosuppressants. And because of that has … more
For quite a few years now, it’s been dinner at Monterey — my parents’ neighborhood joint which also happens to be a Mexican restaurant with food so good — that for many years it was the site … more
Chopped is a show on Food Network. Four chefs are confronted by three baskets with four mystery foodstuffs in each. With them, they must cook an appetizer course, then main course, and finally … more
Football bowl games: Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, even the Cheez-It and Duke’s Mayo Bowl. Nope. Tupperware bowl, cereal bowl, crystal bowl, mixing bowl. Nope. Not even that … more
My boss at the dealership is the sales manager. His name is Andy. He is kind, funny, and very supportive of this complete car-selling neophyte. Every day his patience surprises me. I get nervous … more
One recent Monday, The Kid joined us for dinner. While I was out in my pursuit of filthy lucre at my new job, Petey cooked. And, it wasn’t canned soup, frozen pizza, or microwave popcorn. He … more
The question? Irrelevant. There are two absolutes concerning this confection. Everyone who tastes it asks for the recipe. And, every time someone makes it for the first time, they panic; … more
I love a thrift store. It’s like wandering into Aladdin’s cave. Sometimes that cave is empty and smells funny. But sometimes … Sometimes. Sometimes that darn cave is chock-full of … more
“Warts and all.” When I write a column that’s what I give you. Good or bad, embarrassing or not, you get it all. Just sayin’. On an unrelated note, if my house caught on fire and I … more
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