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My Smart Car-sized pooch, Crowley, spent the weekend with me. We walked miles around my apartment. It was great, mainly because I’ve been missing my boy, but I also missed the long walks we’d … more
When my dad retired from the Coast Guard, he was a Master Chief. This is equivalent to Master Chief in the Navy and Master Sergeant in the Army and Marines. But compared to those other branches, … more
So, I’ve got two recipes and a really good idea for a third. And they all start with the same dish: a really unctuous comfort bowl of cabbage and spaetzle. And it’s all made possible by the … more
This missive, Gentle Reader, was supposed to be one of those “Here’s your starting point, but go ahead and change anything to suit your taste” recipes. This time a bowl. But it’s … more
I’ll bet, Gentle Reader, that occasionally (probably after reading something I’ve written that is particularly entitled, ill-informed, or dog forbid, deeply unfunny) you might have pondered to … more
“Then why did I make so much food?” ­— my mother, failing to convince her dinner guests to take their weight in “sauce-shez pepp” with meatballs, salads (this is my mother I’m … more
Gentle Reader, the other day I yelled at a co-worker in the middle of our showroom. I know; it surprised the heck out of me, too. I have never, in all the co-workers I’ve had, yelled at a … more
It’s another egg column. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I had a horrible May at the dealership. And when you work on 100% commission, if you don’t produce, what can be a very … more
Well, it’s not huge, sprayed hair, or cod pieces, or swallowing live goldfish. So as far as trends go, it ain’t too bad. Organization. In my old house, we had lived there for more than … more
This week’s columns were inspired by two things: time and friendship. In the last 18 months, there have been numerous Brobdingnagian changes to my life. Pretty much everything that could change, … more
“Like Chrissie making tartar sauce.” Many years ago, our family friend and The Kid’s brother-figure Chef Chrissie arrived from Chicago for a visit. Having, at one time lived in the North … more
My little brother is a ridiculously picky eater (now an adult, he blames it on his “problematic” digestion). But growing up, he was so fussy about his eats, my mom basically made two meals … more
Spanakopita Recipe from For the spinach and feta filling: 16 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed and well-drained 2 bunches flat-leaf parsley, stems trimmed, finely … more
A school on a military base is almost always an above-average school. When we lived in Puerto Rico, the on-base school was the finest school in the area. It was also one of the few schools in the … more
I have to credit my dad for my love of eggs. Growing up, my mom did almost all of the cooking, but on weekends, dad would sometimes make breakfast. Oatmeal, biscuits, pancakes, and, for some crazy … more
I have to admit, Gentle Reader, that I don’t have the time to cook like I used to. Some days, it’s all I can do is chop some stuff and have a salad, maybe, if I’m lucky have a ripe avocado and … more
My mom makes no secret that she is not an enthusiastic cook. Growing up, she kept us well fed (“well fed” is an extreme understatement; she kept the neighborhood and even strangers on the … more
I really upset The Kid. We were talking, and I revealed where Darbie and I had lunch on Friday. It just happened to be two of my child’s favorite eateries — Chubby’s Tacos and Menchie’s … more
Happy Spring, Gentle Reader. To say I’m conflicted about this time of year is an understatement, like saying “Florida Man” gets up to a little mischief is an understatement. It is my … more
Gentle Reader, you have accompanied me on my ongoing voyage of change and self-transformation; heck, you guys even were part of the first meal I prepared at my new digs for The Kid and me. Well … more
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