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The sun is down by the time I make it home from the office these days. Only the glow in the west is left when I crank up the car. But the holiday season has come to Chatham County, evidenced by the … more
To the Editor: The Chatham News + Record is well worth reading every week but last week (Dec. 3-9 edition) especially two items stand out. The letter from Mayor Jim Nass lifts us to a higher … more
More and more these days I find myself having to take an extra second or so to call some things to mind ... things like someone’s name when I can see their face clear as day, and have even known … more
In his famous song “Imagine,” John Lennon dreamed of a world of peace that included no religions. The Beatles superstar was not a fan of Christianity, saying: “Jesus was all right, but his … more
Across North Carolina and around the country, cases of COVID-19 have increased sharply over the past several weeks. In North Carolina, we have set new record daily highs in confirmed cases each of … more
Long-time readers of this column, if there are any, may remember that from time to time I have moaned or even fussed about technology and how it impacts our lives. Much of that, I confess, has … more
“There is plenty of work to be done to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.” — Damon Circosta, N.C. Board of Elections chairperson (during a Nov. 4 conversation with UNC’s Hussman School of … more
Woody Guthrie’s song “This Land Is Your Land” is recognizable to millions by the chorus: This land was made for you and me. This folk classic celebrates the gift of America. The verses … more
On the face of it, self-quarantining — or extreme social distancing — doesn’t seem the worst thing. Especially for a homebody like me who also enjoys solitary pursuits like reading, writing … more
As a young lad, I remember being impressed with how much “stuff” my dear now-departed mother saved. In her world, if something made it to the throw-way pile, it really was trash. Her … more
For months now, I’ve been casting a look ahead to April and May and July, months where we have — or, we might say, had — much-anticipated travel plans. Two out-of-state trips were scheduled … more
To the editor: Hitler’s first moves were to divide the nation, arrest Jews who were in assembly, disarm the citizens, get rid of local law enforcement and burn books to eliminate history when he … more
The Bible does mention a pandemic capable of spreading across the globe…but it is not an infectious disease. It is language: How great a forest is set ablaze by a small fire! And the tongue is a … more
To the Editor: Responding to Steven Beckstrand’s letter to the editor (“For the second time in my life, I won’t vote Republican,” News + Record, July 23-29 edition), this individual lives … more
Failure of Americans to increase their knowledge and seek out truth by challenging what they’ve been taught creates a citizenry easily manipulated and led. In short, they’ve … more
On top of the 150,000 lives that have been lost to COVID-19 in the U.S., our society has suffered the loss of a shared and common decency. Instead of uniting against a lethal threat, this virus … more
I’ve spent the majority of my career working for Christian organizations, starting as a YMCA camp counselor and culminating at my current role with Chatham Habitat for Humanity. Which is why it … more
Some few years ago Better Half and I had a screened-in back porch added to our humble dwelling. It started out to be a deck but somewhere between starting and finishing, we had the inspiration: why … more
“Move,” as my pal Jock Lauterer reminded me recently, is a four-letter word. We just finished with one. I’m using the word “finished” very loosely because, as you no doubt have … more
It’s been said that people have several layers of conversation topics, some safer than others, and that the one(s) we go to when it’s time to talk are determined by our level of relationship with … more
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