PRICE: Continuing the vision


As Mayor of Siler City, I want to continue the vision that Mayor John Grimes and the board had to Open Siler City Up for Business, but also to protect the town, residents, and the current businesses in the process. 

As we welcome industry and other partnerships, we cannot allow the citizens to bear the financial burden of the growth. 

There have been rumors and misinformation circulating regarding my position on a water and sewer partnership.  I have never said I was opposed to partnering with Sanford or any other entities. I have requested several times for Siler City to have a seat at the table with any partnerships regarding our water and sewer. Afterall, whoever controls your sewer can control your town. I look forward to exploring all options.  So far, the board has not been presented with any documents or presentations as to what a partnership will entail. I am sure you did not elect us to sign a blank check, and someone else fill in the blanks later.

There have also been comments concerning the water bill.  The costs of operations have increased, and it was necessary for a rate increase.  My recommendation to the board was to do this in increments, but I do not get a vote.

There are many concerns that I feel need to be addressed including 1) The audit for the town has not been completed for 2021 or 2022 and it is now time to begin on 2023 audit. Budgets are being approved without any audited documents.  2)  The turnover of town staff is increasing – including the finance department. 

I highly encourage all citizens of Siler City to attend the board meetings so that they can be aware of what is going on first-hand.  My only objective as mayor is to represent the people of Siler City and to stand up for their well being.