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WACHS: Ever wondered why we do what we do… or don’t?

Were there such a thing as living multiple lifetimes on this side of the Great Divide, I’m pretty sure I’d devote one of mine to a lengthy study of human nature. Not really sure what …

TROUTMAN: Lessons from where you don’t fit in

As I stretch at the trailhead before my morning jog, I’m keenly aware of the drone of periodic cicadas. These insects form a sound wall, which is created by hundreds or even thousands making …

WACHS: Do like one-time ‘Bama coach said to do

The late Paul “Bear” Bryant was famous for a number of things. And a story went around for awhile that after he died, his widow moved to Chapel Hill so she could get as far away from big-time college football as she could.

TROUTMAN: Flowers at a time like this

My education was supposed to keep an eager yet foolish chaplain, such as myself, from sticking his foot in his mouth while attempting to minister to a Hindu patient or a Jehovah's Witness family

LETTER: On your mark…

Due to the lack of proper facilities, some Chatham residents are forced to run on high-traffic roads, or bumpy trails that seem ready to twist your ankle at any moment.