Why Chatham County residents are thankful

Now that the world is beginning to return to some semblance of normalcy, what in your life are you most thankful for this holiday season?

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With out a doubt, my family. In many ways, going through this has brought us even closer together and a new appreciation for how fragile we really are. I want to think in a positive way — it has helped me to slow down a bit and take note of how blessed we are.

Tim Cunnup, Goldston mayor

My family, which also includes the friends we do life with such as Church, celebrating personal accomplishments, birthday celebrations and giving back to the community together. To live in a society that gives us the freedom to do all this is such a blessing.

Steve Maynor, Chatham Sheriff’s Office

I’m most thankful for my family this holiday season. I’m lucky enough to have a good relationship already with my family but the pandemic just allowed us to be so much more present in each other’s lives and those memories will be nice to look back on.

Leslie Ocampo, Chatham Literacy

This holiday season I’m thankful for my immediate and extended family. We faced difficult times, but have managed to have a very supportive system to where all the love, faith and care has brought us all even closer now then what we already were. Cheers to family, friends and happiness.

Maricela Morales Torres, Chatham County Partnership for Children

I am thankful for the support of my family and coworkers who helped me move forward during the pandemic. I am very thankful for technology and how it can be used in a positive way.

Jazmin Mendoza Sosa, Communities In Schools

I am thankful for life; for having the opportunity to reconnect with people and enjoy outings.

Eva Depaz, Communities In Schools

I’m thankful when I open my eyes each morning and know God has given me another day to enjoy his many blessings. Those blessings are too many to count in one day, but here are a few: family and friends.

Carol Gene Good, Conover

I am thankful that our family of five will be back under one roof for an entire month. Our oldest left for N.C. State on August 14th and has only spent one night at home since she left. I can’t wait to set the table for five again instead of four! (Although I have accidentally set it for five many times which ended up in a few tears!)

Jaime Detzi, Chatham Education Foundation

I’m thankful for our new granddaughter, Babe, in Colorado and for good health!

Jody Stevens Kulick, Pittsboro

Right now, I’m thankful for, of course family, friends ... and Mother Nature to include my hard-working, altruistic, cute honeybees.

Minta Phillips, Julian

My gratitude begins with my own family and Council on Aging family, friends and colleagues who are consistent sources of support and inspiration. As I near retirement from the Council, I am blessed to have been part of such an outstanding organization and collaborative community in serving Chatham County seniors.

Dennis Streets, Council on Aging

This year as my family gathers together for Thanksgiving at my parents’ home, I am extremely thankful that we are able to gather feeling safer than last year thanks to the vaccine. I feel very grateful that I live where COVID vaccinations are available and easy to access.

Susan Hardy, Council on Aging

I’m thankful for the ability to spend more time with others. At CORA, our interactions with others became almost transactional. Those aren’t the types of relationships on which we pride ourselves. We all really enjoy establishing relationships with people. At home, I’m relieved to be able to go out with friends, enjoy live music, and spend more time with my son.

Melissa Driver Beard, CORA Food Pantry

We are thankful for the kindness and generosity of our community — for their time, support, affirmations, and for letting us give generously in return. We are thankful for the many folks who understand money and things alone can’t sustain us and who know love is a practice.

Ben Shields & Patricia Parker, In Good Heart Farm

I’m thankful for life, health, strength, family — both biological and by chance — and friends. I’m thankful students are attending school, learning and interacting socially. I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead a staff that delivers high-quality school experiences to our community, which values education and whose future holds tremendous promise.

Anthony Jackson, Chatham County Schools

Carolina Cravings is beyond blessed. We are thankful for our family, friends and community who continue to support us in making our dream a reality. We enjoy serving others and we wish everyone blessings.

Carolina Cravings es más que bendecida. Estamos agradecidas por nuestra familia, amigos y comunidad que nos siguen apoyando para hacer nuestros sueños realidad. Disfrutamos servir a otros y les deseamos bendiciones a todos.

Iliana Escalante & Yeraldyn Martinez, Carolina Cravings

As I ponder over this questions there is so much in my life that I have to be thankful for, but the question is what am I “most thankful for?” I am most thankful for my health. Being a

22-year breast cancer survivor and being in this pandemic and seeing the impact that COVID-19 has had on so many people has made me appreciate life even more. A lot of times we take life for granted by wasting time on petty things, complaining, and being ungrateful. Everyday we wake up is a gift! Someone once said: yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift — that’s why it’s call the present. Everyday is a day of Thanksgiving!

Pandora Paschal, Chatham County Board of Elections

With the holiday season upon us, it is a time to reflect and give thanks. While I’m sure that I will forget some things, I do want to give thanks to the Lord for all the many blessing he bestows upon us, including the health and prosperity of my family, friends, and the people that live in our town. I also give thanks for the opportunity to serve the Town of Siler City. I pray for his continued blessing and protection upon us as we continue to our efforts to fulfill our town’s mission and vision statements.

Lewis Fadely, Siler City commissioner

I am grateful for dressing, gravy and family hugs!

Cindy Perry, Pittsboro mayor-elect

This year as we begin to emerge from a pandemic, I am thankful for health in my family — to the extent we’ve been able to restore it. I am also mindful that not everyone has good health. I am grateful for science, friendship and the shared values we can turn to in divisive times: Community, equality, liberty, and prosperity are values we all hold highly, and reminding ourselves of these can help us unify to tackle great challenges in rapidly changing times.

John Bonitz, Pittsboro commissioner

I’m thankful for the way the community came together over the last year to open the Pittsboro Boys & Girls Club. It is wonderful to see kids in the Club learning with an amazing staff and having such a good time they don’t want to leave.

Kyle Shipp, Pittsboro commissioner

This holiday season, I’m thankful for the opportunities that my role as Community Relations Manager has provided me with. Whether it’s getting to know community leaders, working with great organizations with impactful missions, or helping feed those in need, it’s been a humbling experience to truly make a difference in the Siler City and Chatham County communities. My path has crossed so many others and I’ve learned so much. I’m thankful for an avenue to give back to the community and look forward to continuing that this holiday season and into the new year.

Sasha Duncan, Mountaire Farms of North Carolina

I’m thankful to be in a community that is working on its issues in an inclusive, open and reasoned way. Our citizens grasp the future potential of Chatham and are working to make it a more just society. For this we can all be grateful and inspired.

Bob Pearson, Pittsboro

I am thankful that kids are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccines.

Daniel Simmons, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Carolina

I’m grateful for the growth and perspective I’ve gained over the last year. Never again will I take a simple smile or embrace for granted. The pandemic underscored the value of good health, a career you love, and time spent with family ... and I’m immensely blessed to enjoy all three!

Sara Pack, Chatham Sheriff’s Office

I am thankful to have a Savior, Jesus Christ, Who loved me when I was unlovable; Who died for me even though I brought nothing of benefit to the table; and Who saved me even though I was in a dark place spiritually and mentally and had given up hope.

Gregory E. Lamb, Ph.D., Mays Chapel Baptist Church

I am thankful to have my health and the love of my family and friends in a multifaceted and growing community. We have multiple generations living in our home taking care of each other every day and to me that is the solid foundation upon which a community is built.

Randolph Voller, Pittsboro

I am thankful for my wife. It is not often convenient to be the town manager’s wife with the demands of my job, but she is constant friend, supporter, and confidant for me. She works hard as a mother and in her own job while still supporting me and my duty to our town, so she is what I am most thankful for this year.

Chris Kennedy, Pittsboro town manager

I am thankful for the love, support and the encouragement of my friends. This has been a difficult year; I lost my mother and several other people whom I was close to, however the phone calls, emails and cards from my friends comforted me in my grief.

Mayme Boyd, Communities In Schools board member

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the beautiful people I get to work with at The Plant — each customer, tenant, staff member, and vendor. All passionate about their particular place in the ecosystem. I’m grateful that I get to create meaningful experiences and events that nurture the community. It is truly a blessing.

Tami Schwerin, Pittsboro

I am thankful that this year my mother will be spending the holidays with us (the first time with my son and her), that we are healthy, and that the future, at last, looks brighter. 

Judit Dorado-Zimo, Chatham County Schools teacher

I am most thankful that many more people decided to be vaccinated. For such wisdom, I am grateful.

Fr. Julio A. Martinez, St. Julia Catholic Church

One silver lining of COVID that I’m particularly grateful for is the realization of how many school activities can take place outside. This fall’s weather has been kind — and seeing our students learning, playing, and eating outside has been a sweet joy!

Cotton Bryan, Woods Charter School

I am thankful for the dedicated public health and healthcare workforce. These amazing individuals have carried a load over the past 20 months, and it is an honor to work with them. I am also grateful to the Chatham community for their support and patience as we work to end the pandemic.

Mike Zelek, Chatham County Public Health Department

I’m thankful for beginning to be able to see friends and family again, and that I have a job I love in a really special community with some of the nicest, smartest people I’ve ever met. I’m thankful for people who have helped me and others weather the pandemic.

Nancy Wykle, Chatham County Schools

I’m most thankful that my family is healthy, safe, and will be able to be together. I’ve also learned many lessons over the course of the pandemic that I hope will make me more appreciative than ever of the incredible family, friends, and colleagues I’m blessed to have.

Beth McCullough, Chatham Charter Schools

I love this time of year. I am thankful for my family and friends. Not seeing them in over a year was difficult. Having the freedom to mingle is great and exciting. I am optimistically cautious with the holidays coming. 

Norma E. Boone, Chatham County Schools/Siler City commissioner

I am thankful we can meet face-to-face and travel again because of effective COVID vaccines. I use the added protection of masks in public, but there is new joy being with friends and family. I gardened extensively in 2020, but less in 2021 because of more options for enjoying the company of others. 

Diana Hales, Chatham County commissioner


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