To the Editor:

Voter ID merry-go-round


Regarding John Hood’s recent column on voter ID (“Get off the voter ID merry-go-round,” March 2-8 News + Record), part of the original push-back on voter ID was what IDs would be accepted. Examples of those IDs that were deemed not acceptable were “college” IDs. All students at colleges must have them, and they are pretty well vetted. Additionally, voting twice is a felony. As a poll worker, we (non-partisan workers) have each voter sign an affirmation stating they can legally vote and are at that time made aware that to violate that law is a felony. Many students do not have a car or drive. You mention asking non-drivers to get a photo ID. Have you been to a DMV office recently? Walk-ins aren’t very welcome and appointments don’t so much fit the time slots. There is no curbside service for those unable to stand or sit for a few hours.

I’m fine with voter ID as long as it’s “reasonable” as you say, not selective to weed out voters who might lean an election one way or the other. We need voting to be accessible to all that are qualified to vote.

Robert Waldrop
Chapel Hill