Silk Hope Ruritan Club donates interactive panels to Silk Hope School


The Silk Hope Ruritan Club has donated state-of-the-art interactive video panels to Silk Hope School. These cutting-edge panels serve as tools for teachers, providing them with enhanced capabilities for classroom instruction and acting as the modern-day successors to traditional blackboards. 

The recent donation is a significant step toward the school's goal of equipping every classroom with these interactive devices. During a ceremony, Johnny Johnson, the treasurer of the Silk Hope Ruritan Club, presented a check for $4,630.96 to Principal Caroline Linker and school secretary Sherri Campbell, symbolizing the club's commitment to supporting educational advancement.

The panels provided by the Silk Hope Ruritan Club are manufactured by Newline, a leading provider of educational solutions for institutions ranging from K-12 school districts to higher education. These panels are designed to transform teaching spaces and improve the learning experience of students.

One of the key advantages of the Newline displays is their responsive nature, allowing multiple students to touch and draw simultaneously without lag. This feature fosters collaborative and interactive learning, promoting an active-learning environment in the classroom. By encouraging student participation and engagement, these interactive panels have the potential to greatly enhance knowledge retention and overall academic performance.