Pittsboro mayoral term increased to four years


PITTSBORO — Pittsboro Town Board of Commissioners held their regular scheduled meeting Monday, Sept. 11. 

Among the items on the agenda included a landscaping proposal change for Chatham Park and increasing the mayoral term from two years to four.  

The meeting began with Mayor Cindy Price asking for a moment of silence in remembrance of the victims and their families of 9/11, and not just those who perished on the day, but all those who have died since from illness resulting from the event. 

A request by the Chatham Park developers for changes to the landscape was approved. The request was for the removal of internal perimeter buffers that involve future individual properties within the development. 

Patrick Bradshaw, an attorney in Pittsboro representing Chatham Park LLC for these amendments, argued the point that perimeter buffers are not needed for the esthetics, and owners of the adjacent lots agree to remove buffers, so therefore, there is no need for such buffer zones. 

A public hearing was also held for the Turkey Creek Conditional zoning request on behalf of Chatham Park for multi-family use zoning at 264 Rock Springs Church Road. This was not included in the original Chatham Park design since this partial was purchased after the original request. Chatham Park hopes to use it for multi-family use. Multi-family residential conditional zoning (MR-CZ) 

“There is an interest to keep this public hearing open through next time,” Mayor Price said regarding this public hearing rezoning request to change from multi-use residential to light industrial. 

The public hearing on this matter was kept open; the request has been postponed until the Nov. 13 meeting. 

The proposal to change the mayoral term from two to four years was approved unanimously, but it won’t go into effect until the next election term starting in 2025. 

Lastly, the Social District proposal for an uptown legal drinking zone on the sidewalks was tabled to be fine-tuned for the next scheduled meeting. 

The next regularly scheduled Commissioners Board meeting will be held Sept. 25 at the Agricultural Conference Center.