Outraged at Hudson story


To the Editor:

Like most of my neighbors, I was shocked and outraged by your newspaper’s report concerning Eric Hudson. It is full of falsehoods and hearsay, and not a human interest story.

I am Betsey Elliott, and Mark Elliott and I built our house on River Bend Rd. (which is indeed marked private) 30 years ago. We have suffered from harassment, trespass, threats, and property damage ever since then. We designed and built the house ourselves, and it is beautiful, with three handcrafted, arched windows. We have had goats for many years, in order to keep the pasture grass mowed around Mark’s large steel sculptures. The goats are pets! And now your front page story has perpetuated a stupid, harmful rumor that has damaged our lives for decades.

As for the “assault,” there was no gun, and the danger caused by reckless teenagers tearing around our neighborhood, day and night, for all these years, has become unbearable.

These particular juveniles parked their vehicle ON our property, a few feet from a “NO TRESPASSING” sign, got out, and further trespassed while scoping out our house. I was witness, and have prepared a sworn statement for the court. If I were the mother quoted in the story, I might perhaps be concerned about my children driving around the county looking for devil churches. I might “stir the pot” a bit deeper to find out if my children could be lying, and why. But, most of all, my advice is for you and this reporter — you could have put a minimum of time and effort in reporting this “story.” It is shameful and harmful. In fact, you could come out yourself and see our neighborhood and meet the goats. ANYTHING. 

You owe us an apology. 

Betsey Elliot

Siler City