Mid-Carolina 1A/2A Fall Sports All-Conference List

Chatham County athletes and coaches earn all-conference honors.


Here are the Chatham County athletes and coaches that earned Mid-Carolina 1A/2A all-conference honors for the fall sports season.‌


First Team All-Conference

Maris Huneycutt (Seaforth)

Keira Rosenmarkle (Seaforth)

Ally Forbes (Seaforth)

Mia Kellam (Seaforth)

Sara Wildes (Northwood)

Jillian Rogers (Northwood)

Janeryra Guerrero-Jaimes (Jordan-Matthews)

Reagan Smith (Jordan-Matthews)

Karaleigh Dodson (Chatham Central)

Kelsey Hussey (Chatham Central)

Katherine Gaines (Chatham Central)

Second Team All-Conference

Cora Dodge (Seaforth)

Kendall Anderson (Seaforth)

Jacey Martinez (Northwood)

Sophia Murchison (Jordan-Matthews)

Lia Carter (Jordan-Matthews)

Scikaiyah Jones (Chatham Central)

Landry Allen (Chatham Central)

Player of the Year: Keira Rosenmarkle (Seaforth)

Coach of the Year: Scott Green (Seaforth)

Women’s Tennis

First Team All-Conference

Evelyn Atkins (Seaforth)

Ella Gentel (Seaforth)

Bailey Shadoan (Seaforth)

Lily McFall (Seaforth)

Lauren Keeley (Seaforth)

Charlie Ann George (Seaforth)

Ryan Tinervin (Northwood)

Kaylee Fisher (Northwood)

Anna Gilliam (Northwood)

Rachel Albright (Chatham Central)

Ashlynn Humphrey (Chatham Central)

Lauren Caviness (Chatham Central)

Carlee Callahan (Chatham Central)

Second Team All-Conference

Claire Coady (Seaforth)

Jenna Robinette (Seaforth)

Andi Wicker (Northwood)

AC Kappelman (Northwood)

Lindsey Vasquez (Jordan-Matthews)

Lisett Vasquez (Jordan-Matthews)

Emma Townsend (Chatham Central)

Hallie Webster (Chatham Central)

Player of the Year: Ryan Tinervin (Northwood)

Coach of the Year: Abbey McGee (Northwood)

Women’s Golf

First Team All-Conference

Taylor Thompson (Northwood)

Second Team All-Conference

Peyton Suits (Chatham Central)

Bri Graham (Northwood)

Women’s Cross Country

First Team All-Conference

Katherine Leonard (Seaforth)

Juana Bautista (Seaforth)

Emily Jump (Seaforth)

Sasha Helmer (Seaforth)

Claire Morgan (Seaforth)

Caidence Bazemore (Seaforth)

Natalia Davis (Seaforth)

Abigail Johnson (Seaforth)

Sydney Gray (Northwood)

Julia Hall (Northwood)

Jacey Martinez (Northwood)

Marissa Clouse (Northwood)

Athena Dispennette (Jordan-Matthews)

Second Team All-Conference

Katie Johnson (Seaforth)

Alex Boutin (Seaforth)

Ashley Perry (Northwood)

Andrea Angeles Morales (Northwood)

Rose Costa (Northwood)

Avery Adams (Northwood)

Nyla Miller (Jordan-Matthews)

Caroline Austin (Chatham Central)

Runner of the Year: Sydney Gray (Northwood)

Coach of the Year: Tanelle Smith (Seaforth)


Devonte Johnson (Chatham Central)

Omar Brower (Chatham Central)

Jacob Gillliland (Chatham Central)

Connor Kitchings (Chatham Central)

Nick Glover (Jordan-Matthews)

Neil Wiley (Jordan-Matthews)

Gabe Brewer (Jordan-Matthews)

Kenneth Dula (Jordan-Matthews)

Raje Torres (Jordan-Matthews)

Carson Fortunes (Northwood)

Gus Ritchey (Northwood)

Ashton Elliott (Northwood)

Isaiah Blair (Northwood)

Mason Powell (Northwood)

Ryan Brinker (Northwood)

Cameron Fowler (Northwood)

Santana Gabriel (Northwood)

Grayson Cox (Northwood)

Nick Gregory (Seaforth)

JT Deloach (Seaforth)

Alex Hinchman (Seaforth)

Jackson Powell (Seaforth)

David Greenway (Seaforth

George Weaver (Seaforth)

Anthony Vesce (Seaforth)

Men’s Soccer

First Team All-Conference

Francisco Ibarra (Jordan-Matthews)

Mario Figueroa (Jordan-Matthews)

Giancarlo Aguila (Jordan-Matthews)

Jonathan Campos (Jordan-Matthews)

Anthony Rodriquez (Jordan-Matthews)

Jair Ruiz (Jordan-Matthews)

Jason De Paz Rodriguez (Jordan-Matthews)

Andrey Ureña (Jordan-Matthews)

Angelo Vera (Jordan-Matthews)

Ken Vazquez Alonzo (Northwood)

Rui Aguiar (Northwood)

Roger Rosada (Northwood)

Patrick Baquero (Northwood)

Omar Gallegos (Northwood)

Taylor Johnson (Seaforth)

Logan Sparrow (Seaforth)

Jack Haste (Seaforth)

Blake Price (Seaforth)

Second Team All-Conference

Juan Diego (Jordan-Matthews)

Daniel Navarro (Jordan-Matthews)

Alex Gallegos (Seaforth)

Luigi Baccarelli (Seaforth)

Jacob Boyer (Northwood)

Gabriel Bueno (Northwood)

Defensive Player of the Year- Jonathan Campos (Jordan-Matthews)

Coach of the Year- Paul Cuadros (Jordan-Matthews)

Men’s Cross Country

First Team All-Conference

Jack Anstrom (Seaforth)

Will Cuicchi (Seaforth)

Henry McFall (Seaforth)

Andrew Parker (Seaforth)

London Crowling (Seaforth)

Keni Thompson (Seaforth)

Jordan Wiley (Northwood)

Joe Flynn (Northwood)

Jesse Sikes (Northwood)

Brian Krebs (Northwood)

Thaddeus Hudec (Northwood)

Christian Garcia Torres (Jordan-Matthews)

Second Team All-Conference

Will Lippers (Seaforth)

Waylon Vose (Seaforth)

Lucas Ferri (Seaforth)

Gunnar Smith (Seaforth)

Jack Bacheler (Northwood)

Easton Evans (Northwood)

Owen Zsuppan (Northwood)

Christian Smith-Pumalpa (Northwood)

Runner of the Year: Jack Anstrom (Seaforth)

Coach of the Year: Cameron Isenhour (Northwood)