To the Editor:

Jessica Winger: A neighbor who cares


Today I’m here to voice my support for Jessica Winger for Chatham County Board of Education. Mrs. Winger was a neighbor of mine and I got to see first hand the kind of person she is. Last Christmas my family was very sick, and we were not going to be able to have the Christmas dinner we usually have. Jessica heard that we were all sick and went out of her way to make us a meal, on top of making a meal for her family as well. This kind of thing stuck with me, and when she announced her intention to run for school board, we were all on board. Mrs. Winger is a person who cares about her neighbors and her community, and her kind of character is something we need on the school board.

 As an 18 year-old, this will be the first time I get to vote in a November election. Being a student in the Chatham County School system, I have taken a big interest in this year’s school board elections. I have seen, and felt the direct impacts of the decisions of the current board. Having Jessica on the board would be a tremendous asset to our community because she is someone who will do what’s right for the students and staff, and promote transparency between the schools and families.

The school board is a non-partisan position, and Jessica is a candidate that doesn’t subscribe to partisan politics. While many school board races across the country have turned into partisan races of Parents First vs. Administration First, Jessica, who is a parent of 4 Chatham County students, runs on neither agenda because while she believes that parents' voices are important and should be elevated, she knows that the best education is achieved when parents, administrators, board members, students, and teachers work together to make sure every student's needs are met.  

Jessica Winger is an amazing candidate, and an even better person who will work to ensure the education system better serves who it’s supposed to serve, the students. As a student in Chatham County Schools, I want Jessica Winger on the school board because I know she’ll look out for my best interest as a student. I encourage everyone to go vote, and when you do, please vote for Jessica Winger for Chatham County Board of Education District 3. 

Brandt Anderson