Here are Chatham County’s winter all-conference performers


The 2022-23 winter sports season was one of unprecedented success for Chatham County. Not only did three athletes win individual state championships, but numerous others made deep runs in their individual state tournaments — all while the Northwood boys, Seaforth girls and Chatham Charter girls were making their way to the basketball state finals.

On Feb. 4 at the NCHSAA girls wrestling championships, Northwood senior Dream Walker took first place in the heavyweight division. And one week later on Feb. 11, Northwood sophomore Abby Emrich (200 freestyle) and Seaforth sophomore Will Cuicchi (1,000-meter) won state titles on the same day at the 3A swimming and 2A indoor track championships, respectively.

The season closed earlier this month on March 11, as the Knights, Hawks and Chargers all fell in the finals of their respective state basketball tournaments. Despite the sour end to the year, the three schools between them had 32 players named all-conference, while Northwood junior Drake Powell and Seaforth junior Jarin Stevenson were also named first-team all-state by the North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association.

Here’s a list of Chatham County athletes who earned all-conference honors for their performances during the winter. The list includes first- and second-team players, honorable mentions as well as Player of the Year and Coach of the Year award winners.



Central Tar Heel 1A

Tamaya Walden, senior, Chatham Charter

Emerson Clark, senior, Chatham Charter

Meah Brooks, junior, Chatham Charter

Lilly Jones, senior, Chatham Charter (Honorable mention)

Caroline Mitchell, junior, Woods Charter

Maddie Sparrow, senior, Woods Charter (Honorable mention)

Player of the Year: Tamaya Walden, Chatham Charter

Coach of the Year: Jeff Patterson, Chatham Charter


Mid-Carolina 1A/2A

Gabby White, sophomore, Seaforth (1st)

Peyton Collins, sophomore, Seaforth (1st)

Katie Leonard, freshman, Seaforth (1st)

Jocelyn Gesner, freshman, Seaforth (2nd)

Hannah Ajayi, junior, Seaforth  (2nd)

Jaylee Williams, senior, Chatham Central (1st)

Karaleigh Dodson, sophomore, Chatham Central (1st)

Livvy Brooks, senior, Chatham Central (2nd)

Kailey Green, senior, Chatham Central (2nd)

Katherine Gaines, junior, Chatham Central (2nd)

Reagan Smith, junior, Jordan-Matthews (1st)

Alyssa Bick, senior, Jordan-Matthews (2nd)

Brooklyn Quee, junior, Jordan-Matthews (2nd)

Patience Cox, freshman, Jordan-Matthews (2nd)

Player of the Year: Gabby White, Seaforth

Coach of the Year: Charles Byrd, Seaforth

Central 3A

Te’Keyah Bland, senior, Northwood

Skylar Adams, junior, Northwood

Natalie Whitaker, sophomore, Northwood

Neah Henry, freshman, Northwood

Player of the Year: Te’Keyah Bland, Northwood

Coach of the Year: Kerri Snipes, Northwood



Central Tar Heel 1A

Adam Harvey, senior, Chatham Charter

Aamir Mapp, senior, Chatham Charter

Jackson Brown, senior, Chatham Charter

Ardan Allred, junior, Chatham Charter

Jonah Ridgill, junior, Chatham Charter

Beau Harvey, sophomore, Chatham Charter

Brennen Oldham, sophomore, Chatham Charter

Jamir Wright, senior, Chatham Charter (Honorable mention)

Caden Watson, junior, Woods Charter

Alex Karali, senior, Woods Charter (Honorable mention)

Eli Hutter-DeMarco, junior, Woods Charter (Honorable mention)

Player of the Year: Adam Harvey, Chatham Charter

Coach of the Year: Jason Messier, Chatham Charter


Mid-Carolina 1A/2A

Jarin Stevenson, junior, Seaforth (1st)

Kooper Jones junior, Seaforth (1st)

Noah Lewis, sophomore, Seaforth (1st)

Lochlan Haddix, junior, Seaforth (2nd)

Tyshawn Davenport, Seaforth (2nd)

Reid Albright, sophomore, Chatham Central (1st)

Brandon Toomer, senior, Chatham Central

Wesley Clewis, junior, Chatham Central (2nd)

Devonte Johnson, junior, Chatham Central (2nd)

Dallas Richardson, senior, Jordan-Matthews (1st)

Elijah Hughes, sophomore, Jordan-Matthews (2nd)

Neil Wiley, junior, Jordan-Matthews (2nd)

Player of the Year: Jarin Stevenson, Seaforth

Coach of the Year: Jarod Stevenson, Seaforth


Central 3A

Max Frazier, senior, Northwood

Kenan Parrish, senior, Northwood

Drake Powell, junior, Northwood

Jake Leighton, junior, Northwood

Fred Whitaker, junior, Northwood

Player of the Year: Drake Powell, Northwood



Mid-Carolina 1A/2A

Gabe Rogers, Seaforth (1st)

Josh Miller, Seaforth (1st)

Layne Armstrong, Seaforth (1st)

Maddox Cody, Seaforth (1st)

Judge Lloyd, Seaforth (1st)

Harrison Compton, Seaforth (1st)

Roger Eubanks, Seaforth (1st)

Alex Hinchman, Seaforth (1st)

Palmer Moad, Seaforth (1st)

Ben Johnson, Seaforth (2nd)

Caden Brewer, Seaforth (2nd)

William Bass, Seaforth (2nd)

Brady Phillips, Chatham Central (1st)

Collin Evans, Chatham Central (1st)

Stephen Silhan, Chatham Central (2nd)

Aidan Holton, Chatham Central (2nd)

Jaxon Globushutz, Jordan-Matthews (1st)

Jaden Gorham, Jordan-Matthews (1st)

Jakari Blue, Jordan-Matthews (1st)

Kevin Duncan, Jordan-Matthews (2nd)

Wrestler of the Year: Josh Miller, Seaforth

Coach of the Year: Ryan Armstrong, Seaforth


Central 3A

Jake Dunning, senior, Northwood

Cliff Davis, senior, Northwood

Ronald Walker, senior, Northwood

Coltrane Northington, junior, Northwood

Ethan Kuball, sophomore, Northwood



Mid-Carolina 1A/2A

Sydney Burleigh, Seaforth

Abigail Motteler, Seaforth

Charlie Ann George, Seaforth

Sydney Haire, Seaforth

Alexandra Smith, Seaforth

Charley Howard, Seaforth

Jade Brown, Seaforth

Marison Lawler, Seaforth

Jackson Vaughn, Seaforth

Evan Hepburn, Seaforth

Benjamin Lajoie, Seaforth

Colton Roberts, Seaforth

Broden Jones, Seaforth

Mikel Kokas, Seaforth

Jesse Eskelund, Chatham Central

Sarah DeKaney, Jordan-Matthews

Samantha Wieber, Jordan-Matthews

Ainsley Canipe, Jordan-Matthews

Clara Rojas, Jordan-Matthews

Calvin Conroy, Jordan-Matthews

Buck Thornton, Jordan-Matthews

Alexis Sanchez Lara, Jordan-Matthews

Christian Canela Ortiz, Jordan-Matthews

Rodrigo, Maciel Lopez, Jordan-Matthews

Girls Swimmers of the Year: Sydney Burleigh and Abigail Motteler, Seaforth

Boys Swimmers of the Year: Evan Hepburn and Jackson Vaughn, Seaforth

Coach of the Year: Amanda Peele, Seaforth


Central 3A

Abby Emrich, Northwood,

Bianca Perez, Northwood,

Lauren Emrich, Northwood

Holly Thesing, Northwood

Wiley Sikes, Northwood

Jesse Sikes, Northwood

Christian Smith, Northwood

Morgan Turner, Northwood

Jacob Garrett, Northwood

Boys Swimmer of the Year: Wiley Sikes, Northwood



Mid-Carolina 1A/2A

Malana McLean, Seaforth

Cali O’Neill, Seaforth

Claire Morgan, Seaforth

Arnette Benitez, Seaforth

Lily McFall, Seaforth

Katie Johnson, Seaforth

Maja Boer, Seaforth

Abbie Lehman, Seaforth

Juliette Van Olinda, Seaforth

Drew Parker, Seaforth

Will Cuicchi, Seaforth

Nathan Smith, Seaforth

Henry McFall, Seaforth

Thaddeus Hudec, Seaforth

Daniel Andros, Seaforth

Asher Aldridge, Seaforth

Harry Mendlovitz, Seaforth

Joseph Palmer, Seaforth

Jason Antler, Seaforth

Jack Anstrom, Seaforth

Jasmine Basillo, Jordan-Matthews

Anny Palma, Jordan-Matthews

Macy Beavers, Jordan-Matthews

Logan Gunter, Jordan-Matthews

Elian Harrera, Jordan-Matthews

Marvin Harrera Jordan-Matthews

Carlos Galeana, Jordan-Matthews

Alex Morgan, Jordan-Matthews

Christian Torres, Jordan-Matthews

Andre Viena, Jordan-Matthews

Boys Coach of the Year: Tommy Johnson, Seaforth