Gotcha last-itis



Dennis Streets has a bad case of gotcha last-itis. 

He writes in a manner that most readers immediately recognize as subtle left-leaning innuendoes that insult conservative thought. After all, we are a 50/50 nation and Mr. Streets certainly knows what he’s doing. When a letter taking exception or suggesting a disagreement to his opinion is published, he has a rebuttal; an “I must have the last word” impulse. 

What I call a gotcha last response.

Mr. Streets, take the advice from someone who’s been there. You are retired. I can relate because I went through the same retirement withdrawal issues. There’s no longer a corporate identity and you are no longer the boss. N+R readers are not your employees, and you do not necessarily get the last word anymore. Your liberal opinions are now open for scrutiny and dispute. It’s possible someone will disagree and send a letter that will oppose your view. But, that’s okay; don’t take it personally. Please chill.

A gotcha last is too self-aggrandizing.

Gotcha last!

Philip H. Johnson

Siler City