Chatham County volleyball playoff preview

Projected playoff seeding before brackets are released Thursday. 


The volleyball regular season finished last week, setting up what should be a busy slate of playoff action for Chatham County teams.  

All of the teams in the county, except for Chatham Central, finished with a winning record in conference play. Even with an 8-8 conference record, the Bears joined the other teams in being ranked within the top-32 of RPI standings.  

RPI, or ratings percentage index, considers the winning percentage of a team, its opponents and its opponents’ opponents when determining how a team will be seeded.  

The NCHSAA will release state playoff brackets Thursday. With all Chatham teams set to be seeded in the state tournament, here are some projections on where they’ll land based on RPI standings updated on Monday.   

Seaforth (2A, automatic bid) 

Conference record/finish: 16-0, First place 

RPI: 0.57101 

Projected seed: 7 


Northwood (2A) 

Conference record/finish: 10-6, Fourth place 

RPI: 0.48401 

Projected seed: 28 


Jordan-Matthews (2A) 

Conference record/finish: 10-6, Fifth place 

RPI: 0.48526 

Projected seed: 26 


Chatham Central (1A) 

Conference record/finish: 8-8, Sixth place 

RPI: 0.46257 

Projected seed: 28 


Woods Charter (1A, automatic bid) 

Conference record/finish: 12-0, First place 

RPI: 0.58866 

Projected seed: 6 


Chatham Charter (1A) 

Conference record/finish: 7-5, Fourth place 

RPI: 0.47204 

Projected seed: 26