Chatham County endorses long-term development plan for Moncure

The "Plan Moncure" small area plan aims to balance growth and natural resource preservation over the next 20 years.


PITTSBORO — Moncure, a community in Chatham County, is poised for growth and development following the county Board of Commissioners' endorsement of a long-term plan last week. The "Plan Moncure" small area plan is part of a county-wide initiative to balance development with the preservation of natural resources.

The plan's roots trace back to the county's 2017 Comprehensive Plan and evolved with the arrival of the VinFast plant at the Triangle Innovation Point site in March 2022. The Board of Commissioners led a collaborative planning process, engaging various stakeholders to shape the community's vision for Moncure in southeastern Chatham County.

“We are confident that this carefully crafted plan positions us well to address the future of the Moncure community and ties into Chatham County’s larger picture for growth and development that is tempered by protection of our natural resources and environmental assets,” said Karen Howard, chair of the Chatham County Board of Commissioners. Howard praised the project team for ensuring diverse representation in the planning process.

The draft of the plan, dated Aug. 9, 2023, was reviewed by the Chatham County Planning Board and recommended for approval to the commissioners. Discussions and public input sessions held in August and September 2023 led to the plan's adoption in October.

The approved plan will be published on the project's website and made available at county libraries for public access. Over the next 20 years, the Plan Moncure small area plan will guide county decision-makers and policymakers in future development and infrastructure planning. The comprehensive plan includes innovative approaches that accommodate increased population density while preserving Moncure’s unique character and natural resources.

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