Bill Crawford misses the mark on story criticism

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The writer is a former mayor of Pittsboro.


I appreciate the opinion and input of local Republican leader and former candidate Bill Crawford (“Election story was missing a few pieces,” letters, Nov. 18-24).

Respectfully, I think he misses the mark as to why the Chatham News + Record covered the work product of a local PAC that was pointedly negative against Commissioner Michael Fiocco during the last week of the municipal campaign — even going so far as to put a picture of me with Fiocco on its front cover as proof of Fiocco being friendly with developers.

A point so ridiculous given the volume of photos of me with local, state, and national leaders.

This was part of a broader campaign focused on personal online and whisper attacks as opposed to a campaign focused on accomplishing positive public policy for the citizens of Pittsboro.

The point of the article by the News + Record (“Negative flyer, online attacks haunt candidates in Pittsboro races,” Nov. 11-17 edition) that investigated the negative smear flyer against Commissioner Fiocco was related to the content of the flyer, who created it, why it was created, and its implications during the election and moving forward.

I applaud the young journalist for her work and attention to detail.

The other PAC cited by Mr. Crawford (Friends of Baldwin Fiocco and Nass) was supported by Mayor Nass, my wife Lesley and others and it focused primarily on communicating who Baldwin, Fiocco and Nass are, why they want to continue serving, why their experience matters, what they will do in office and how and where a citizen can vote.

It did not focus on hand-delivering a hit piece during the last week of the campaign.

Supporting Main Street, better water, the health of our entire community and ensuring that Chatham Park paid its fair share and finished the Affordable Housing Element of its Additional Elements for the Chatham Park Master Plan seem pretty positive.

And if that is the direction the town will go with its new Mayor Cindy Perry and Commissioner James Vose — that will be positive as well.

And we all want better quality water.

As for attacking my wife for doing design and print work for a local PAC — that is her profession. She is a local business owner who has been a graphic designer for 38 years.

Would Mr. Crawford rather see a non-local firm hired to do the work?

I fail to see what the issue is other than the usual smoke and mirrors and attempts to create a whopping “nothingburger” for the people to swallow.

Hon. Randy Voller


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