To the Editor:

A ‘Moms for Liberty’ candidate would be a big step backward


Is school board candidate Jessica Winger a member of Moms for Liberty?

Moms for Liberty began by opposing such health and safety restrictions in schools during COVID-19 as mask mandates. Moms for Liberty then focused on the ways issues such as racism, religion and non-traditional families should be discussed and which books about them should be allowed on school shelves.

The organization has been criticized for harassment toward teachers and school officials, for making it more difficult to educate students, and for deepening division among parents. They are enthusiastic book banners, even demanding the removal of Anne Frank’s “The Diary of a Young Girl”!

I no longer have school-aged children, but as a grandmother and former teacher my wish is for students everywhere to be exposed to different and challenging ideas. I want them to learn about their history, and to learn to think critically. I want them to know the good, the bad and the ugly about our country and appreciate the work they must be prepared to do to keep our democracy alive.

I believe a Mom for Liberty member on our Board of Education is a big leap backward. Children deserve better. Teachers deserve support. Board members deserve encouragement.

Let’s vote accordingly.

Carol L. Goettman

Editor’s note: Jessica Winger has stated for the record she is not a member of the Chatham County chapter of “Moms for Liberty.”