Educator of the Week: Vickie Partin | Moncure School

Posted 1/3/20

Name: Vickie Partin

School: Moncure School

Grades/subjects you teach: Kindergarten

E-mail address:

Date, place of birth: December 23, Ohio

Education (high …

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Educator of the Week: Vickie Partin | Moncure School

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Name: Vickie Partin

School: Moncure School

Grades/subjects you teach: Kindergarten

E-mail address:

Date, place of birth: December 23, Ohio

Education (high school & college attended, degrees): Northwood High School, Central Carolina Community College

Brief work history: 22 years in Chatham County Schools

Teaching honors/awards: Instructional Assistant of the Year (2 times)

Hobbies/interests outside teaching: Reading, watching old movies, spending time w/family

Family: husband, Bret and 3 sons

On teaching:

What led you to a career as a teacher?: Love of children and desire to make a difference

Who were your favorite teachers as you went through school, and what did you learn from them?: All of my teachers impacted me and added to my teaching “toolbox.”

Has becoming an educator been all you expected it would be?: Yes, and then some!

How has education changed since you were a student?: Discipline is more tolerant and technology is everywhere.

What “makes your day” as a educator?: The smiles of students

What’s working in schools today?: More parental involvement at the school.

What’s not working?: Children are so busy outside of school that they lack time for free play, reading, and/or homework!

What’s your favorite memory of your first year as a teacher?: When I listened to a student read for the first time

How would your “teacher” persona handle you as a student?: With gentleness and redirection .

Best piece of advice for other teachers?: Remember that every day is a new day.

For students?: Bring your ‘A’ game.

For parents?: Your child needs you.

What about your job would surprise your non-teaching friends the most?: How many things I do that are not tied to academics, such as wiping noses, tying shoes, etc.

If you could somehow magically instill one truth into the heads of your students, what would it be?: Your attitude makes all the difference.

When you think about today’s kids, you: Wonder at their technological savvy.

If one of your students was asked for a one-word description of you by a student who hadn’t had you in class, what would that one word be?: Caring

Favorite movie about school or teaching: “Mr. Holland’s Opus”

How would you summarize your teaching philosophy?: Every child deserves my all.

What five things must every teacher know?: Patience, compassion, empathy, awareness, humor.

What’s special about your classroom?: Well-organized and welcoming

What’s special about your school?: It feels like family.

Most unusual question you’ve ever gotten from a student?: “Will you pick the booger out of my nose?”


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