Educator of the Week: Tina Martin | Chatham Center for Innovation

Posted 12/20/19

Grades/subjects you teach: Instructional assistant and administrative assistant

E-mail address:

Date, place of birth: Chatham County

Education (high school & …

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Educator of the Week: Tina Martin | Chatham Center for Innovation

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Grades/subjects you teach: Instructional assistant and administrative assistant

E-mail address:

Date, place of birth: Chatham County

Education (high school & college attended, degrees): Jordan-Matthews High School, Randolph Community College, Davidson Community College

Brief work history: I have served in Chatham County Schools for 10 years.

Hobbies/interests outside of educating: Crafting, camping and spending time outside.

Family: I am married and have two daughters.

What led you to a career in education? I have always had a passion for helping children succeed. Once I had the opportunity to work in education, I was able to fulfill this passion through interacting with the students at SAGE Academy, now known as Chatham Center for Innovation.

Has becoming an educator been all you expected it would be? While working in the school system I have enjoyed my interaction with the students in helping them fulfill their goals.

How has education changed since you were a student? There has been a drastic transition in education since I was a student. I believe that in this generation, students have easy access to technology. With this technology-based generation, students are able to accomplish their academic goals as well as their professional goals a lot easier than when I was in school.

What “makes your day” as an educator? What makes my day is seeing the students happy. In the case that they are not, I never hesitate to reach out to a student to uplift them.

What’s working in schools today? I believe that what works in schools today is building a professional student-teacher relationship with students so that they are aware that they are fully supported.

What’s not working? What is not working in the school system is the lack of funding for resources for educators to use.

What’s your favorite memory of your first year in education? During the first year, I remember making memorable connections with each student and the staff that I worked with.

Best piece of advice for other educators? Become engaged with your students and be able to build trust with them, all while supporting them throughout their schooling.

For students? Be kind to yourself and others. Do your best!

For parents? Support your child in both their academics and professional goals.

What about your job would most surprise your friends who are not educators? I think that most people would be surprised that I serve as an Administrative Assistant, also while being a Teacher Assistant.

If you could somehow magically instill one truth into the heads of your students, what would it be? You can do better, be better and work harder than you think.

When you think about today’s kids, you: I think about the backgrounds they come from and how this may interfere with their academics and behavior in school.

If one of your students was asked for a one-word description of you by a student who hadn’t had you as an educator, what would that one word be? Caring

Favorite movie about school or education: “Lean on Me”

How would you summarize your philosophy as an educator? Each student is unique. Students learn, interact and behave differently. With this said, I believe in the importance of creating inclusive learning environments where every student has the opportunity to be engaged and grow personally, academically and professionally.

What five things must every educator know?

1. Background of the students

2. The best ways to motivate students in the classrooms

3. How to build effective student-teacher relationships as well as effective parent-teacher relationships

4. Student’s learning style

5. How to maintain effective classroom management

What’s special about your education space at your school? Chatham Center for Innovation is a safe environment where students can learn and become knowledgeable individuals.

What’s special about your school? Chatham Center for Innovation seeks for growth amongst all students. Our school encourages students to exceed their “personal, academic, social and behavioral goals” and to become responsible citizens.


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