Kyle Shipp Launches Campaign for Mayor of Pittsboro


Kyle Shipp is thrilled to announce his candidacy for Mayor of Pittsboro and share a bold vision for the future of Pittsboro. As a town commissioner, Shipp gained valuable experience and an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Pittsboro. 

Outgoing Mayor Cindy Perry said, "Having served as Mayor for three terms, I wholeheartedly endorse Kyle as the ideal candidate to lead our Town to a prosperous and inclusive future." Shipp said he “feels ready to take the lead as Mayor, build on past achievements, and shape a future that reflects the aspirations of every resident.”

Shipp said he considers his campaign slogan more of a mantra for what lies ahead: "Plan for Pittsboro. Plan for our future. Plan together." He said he will work with the community and lead Pittsboro towards a prosperous and sustainable future.


Plan for Pittsboro

Strategic planning is of critical importance in shaping the destiny of Pittsboro. This town is unlike any other, and the plans made today must ensure it remains both economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable. Shipp said he will work hand-in-hand with local experts, businesses and community members to develop a blueprint addressing key areas such as infrastructure modernization, downtown vitality and the preservation of Pittsboro’s unique cultural heritage. 

“I believe that growth is possible while staying true to the past,” Shipp said.


Plan for our future

Pittsboro has a rich history and is well-known for its unique character. As the population continues to increase, long-term plans must be made now to ensure that character is preserved, thoughtfully scaled and inclusive of all. 

Shipp said his plan focuses on fostering entrepreneurship and creating a business-friendly environment for both new and existing businesses; generating quality employment opportunities for residents. Shipp said he will also hold businesses accountable to Pittsboro’s most urgent priorities: protecting natural resources and delivering affordable housing.


Plan together

Shipp said he seeks to empower and uplift every resident of Pittsboro. His plan is merely a first draft: the true plan is one made together as a community. 

“Civic engagement is essential to enhancing the quality of life for all,” Shipp said. 

Through initiatives that support local arts, culture, and recreation, Shipp envisions vibrant public spaces where residents can gather, connect, and thrive. He said he will continue to cultivate partnerships with community organizations, listen to the voices of residents and champion inclusion, all with the goal of keeping Pittsboro a place where everyone feels valued and welcomed.

Shipp said believes that action is inherent in the planning process: make a plan, try the plan, and revise the plan while moving forward. With a proven commitment to transparent governance, fiscal responsibility and community engagement, he said he feels poised to build upon these accomplishments and tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

In the coming months, Shipp said he will engage with residents through a series of town hall meetings, neighborhood gatherings, and digital platforms, promoting an inclusive dialogue where all ideas and aspirations for Pittsboro are valued.

“With a shared vision and collective action, there is a sustainable future ahead for the town,” Shipp said. He invites residents to get engaged and help plan for the challenges ahead, ensuring that today’s actions benefit generations to come.