Letters: Christmas in July — in 2020

“Santa” Al Capehart, Pittsboro
Posted 7/10/20

To the editor:

Christmas in July began in 1933 in the North Carolina Mountains, Camp Keystone, a girls’ camp in Brevard. In 1935 the journal “Recreation” reported the event as a summer camp …

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Letters: Christmas in July — in 2020

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To the editor:

Christmas in July began in 1933 in the North Carolina Mountains, Camp Keystone, a girls’ camp in Brevard. In 1935 the journal “Recreation” reported the event as a summer camp activity including a parade, carols, gifts and Santa.

Past Christmases in Julys had Santas in parades, at pool parties, neighborhood and July 4th celebrations, birthdays and weddings. Not this year.

The 1940 movie “Christmas in July” tells the story of a dreamer who enters an advertising jingle for Maxford coffee. He wins through an administrative error. With the winnings, he buys gifts and a wedding ring for his girlfriend. Once the error is discovered he’s asked to return the money until it is learned he spent it on others. He won second place and is hired as an advertising executive.

During the 1980s, Irish Tourists in the mountains of New South Wales Australia began Christmas in July celebrations. Now it’s a very popular celebration in “Down-Under,” where it is winter.

In 1987, West Jefferson, Ashe County, N.C., began its Christmas in July festival to promote its Christmas tree farms. The event included a parade, Santa and Mrs. Claus and a Christmas tree judging competition. In 2015 the National Christmas Tree Association recognized Ashe County as the most productive Christmas Tree County in the country. In May of this year the Chamber of Commerce canceled its Christmas in July event.

Now, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must find healthy and socially responsible ways to celebrate. Our culture is evolving as we look for new avenues for healthy, joyful, encouraging and loving interactions.

One Santa and Mrs. are planning a hayride in an R.V. park. The Clauses will be without masks on top of the hay bales. The wagon driver is masked. All of the campers will stay at their R.V. sites. Santa and Mrs. will travel up and down all of the lanes in the campground greeting all with a “Happy Christmas in July, HO! HO! HO!”

Another example is a virtual video call. You can schedule a five-minute video call with Santa Claus for July 30th. The Capital City Clauses with the North Carolina Friends of Santa Claus are sponsoring an opportunity to have a personal conversation with St. Nick. Their link is: capitalcityclauses.org/jingleinjuly.

Funds raised from “Call with Santa” will go to the Give Play Initiative, the City of Oaks Foundation. For other electronic connections some Santas are doing virtual visits. Google “Santa doing virtual visits” some are free.

We are sharing the Christmas Spirit all year long.

“Happy Christmas in July!”



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