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To the Editor: Thank you to Main Street Pittsboro’s hard-working volunteer board for their past hard work and collaborating to develop the new Welcome Center at the circle. These folks … more
To the Editor: The president of our company shared from his father’s experiences in World War II. It is an insider’s glimpse into the USA’s part in defeating the twin threats of … more
I recently became a first-time dog owner by entering a golden retriever rescue and leaving with a Chabrador. That sounds like a terrifying Pokémon character, but I promise she is a very sweet dog. … more
Gather ‘round, folks. Pull up a chair. Let’s get settled in and talk about a subject on which we can all finally agree. Masks. Who wants to start? I’m kidding, of course. I’ll start … more
To the Editor: Frank Dunphy’s letter (“Socialism and progressivism spread poverty,” Aug. 6-12 edition) requires a response. It was a pedantically written argument against two … more
For practically all my adult life, I’ve made my living by using words. It’s either been on the pages of this newspaper, or another one or two from time to time, or in magazines, or in … more
First of all, I have no advice. We are starting school in the throes of a pandemic. We have no recipe to follow. You don’t need a lecture from me. What you really need is chocolate! But since … more
To The Editor: I found John Hood’s op-ed piece (“Government’s basic tasks need doing,” News + Record, July 30) disingenuous. He complains that government institutions are “rotten,” but … more
To the Editor: Socialism (authoritarian government and communal ownership) providing “for all” is embraced by progressives (i.e., Medicare for all, free healthcare and higher education for … more
To the Editor: Today I felt as if I received two punches to the gut! Most days I feel discouraged about the present state of politics, but today is different somehow. Maybe it’s reading that … more
In the movie “Forrest Gump,” the Tom Hanks-played main character says numerous times that he and his lady love Jenny go together “just like peas and carrots.” Now not everybody likes peas … more
My love affair with books sometimes eclipses my love affair with reading. Which is to also say that I don’t finish every book I start, a trend I sometimes struggle to reconcile. Reading has … more
As a white person, I was somewhat hesitant to submit this because in no way do I want to imply that I understand at all what it is like to experience life as a person of color. My hope in sharing … more
By the time you read this, my significant other will have returned to his job at a well-known Chapel Hill restaurant. Three years ago, I walked through those doors, not realizing that by returning to … more
To the editor: Hitler’s first moves were to divide the nation, arrest Jews who were in assembly, disarm the citizens, get rid of local law enforcement and burn books to eliminate history when he … more
To the Editor: Responding to Steven Beckstrand’s letter to the editor (“For the second time in my life, I won’t vote Republican,” News + Record, July 23-29 edition), this individual lives … more
On top of the 150,000 lives that have been lost to COVID-19 in the U.S., our society has suffered the loss of a shared and common decency. Instead of uniting against a lethal threat, this virus … more
I’ve spent the majority of my career working for Christian organizations, starting as a YMCA camp counselor and culminating at my current role with Chatham Habitat for Humanity. Which is why it … more
Some few years ago Better Half and I had a screened-in back porch added to our humble dwelling. It started out to be a deck but somewhere between starting and finishing, we had the inspiration: why … more
The school year starts in a few weeks, and my stress level is through the ceiling. Yes, Chatham County Schools decided late last week to operate on Plan C — remote learning only — for four … more
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