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The “holidays” are upon us. Actually, they’ve been here awhile already. As I’ve whined about before in this space, they’ve been with us since about ... oh, last year’s holiday season. … more
To the editor: It would seem that the movement against the sales tax increase has provoked a reaction. The Democrats have seen fit to spend the better part of $1,000 (minimum order of that sized … more
Throughout a long and somewhat dismal summer, there was hope that in post-election America we’d be in a better position both politically and — yes, it’s a word — pandemically. Judge for … more
To the editor: Traditional public schools in North Carolina have three major funding streams including federal, state and local county funds. In the 2019-2020 school year, the N.C. Dept. of Public … more
To the Editor: The current COVID-19 pandemic and reopening of schools in the area is cause for some serious thought. I am not a medical professional. I did work as an educator for nearly 30 … more
“Your dog is a celebrity, and you’re their security guard.” This is one of the top posts on the “reactive dogs” subpage on Reddit, a popular web forum that establishes niche communities … more
It’s become accepted etiquette to lampoon our response to snow and ice here in the central part of the Tar Heel State. Just a bit of snow — and just a bit is sometimes all we see around here … more
A significant number of folks are, have been or soon will be infected with what we may delicately call “the Chatham County crud.” For some folks it’s more a full blown case of the flu, for … more
To the editor: The local Republican Party seems fixated on stopping any efforts to provide alternative revenue sources to our county in order to provide funds for programs that a majority of the … more
“Well, I guess the brain-washing class is over now.” It was a throw-away comment, but more than a week later I’m still mulling it. It was uttered on a gorgeous, sunny Saturday as a group … more
To the editor: Dear Bernie: I begin by making it clear that I am a lifelong Democrat, following in the footsteps of my father and his father. I am also an “Anybody But Trumper.” For that … more
To The Editor: I found John Hood’s op-ed piece (“Government’s basic tasks need doing,” News + Record, July 30) disingenuous. He complains that government institutions are “rotten,” but … more
To the Editor: Socialism (authoritarian government and communal ownership) providing “for all” is embraced by progressives (i.e., Medicare for all, free healthcare and higher education for … more
Once again, a prominent leader in North Carolina is coming under intense criticism for responding to a “Black Lives Matter” inquiry with the “But All Lives Matter” retort. UNC-Wilmington … more
To the Editor: Today I felt as if I received two punches to the gut! Most days I feel discouraged about the present state of politics, but today is different somehow. Maybe it’s reading that … more
There’s some good-natured debate (or ribbing) within my immediate family (meaning my kids — I mean, my wife thinks I’m good at everything) about my various and sundry skillsets, or lack … more
In the movie “Forrest Gump,” the Tom Hanks-played main character says numerous times that he and his lady love Jenny go together “just like peas and carrots.” Now not everybody likes peas … more
To the editor: Christmas in July began in 1933 in the North Carolina Mountains, Camp Keystone, a girls’ camp in Brevard. In 1935 the journal “Recreation” reported the event as a summer camp … more
My love affair with books sometimes eclipses my love affair with reading. Which is to also say that I don’t finish every book I start, a trend I sometimes struggle to reconcile. Reading has … more
As we drove along the gravel drive-though the mobile home park, slowing to squint at the passing house numbers, we saw a woman in an arm sling sitting on her front stoop with a pit bull and small … more
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