To the Editor

Your vote matters in N.C. Supreme Court races


Having two daughters as well as a granddaughter, I’m keenly interested in how the future treats them. The upcoming N.C. Supreme Courts races are crucial as rulings concerning women’s rights, voting rights and redistributing are likely. Voting in the races is therefore crucial. 

On this years ballot, Justice Sam Ervin IV (D) is running against Trey Allen (R) and Judge Lucy Inman (D) running against Richard Deitz (R). These races could be won or lost by the smallest of margins. In 2020, Cheri Beasley lost her race for N.C. Supreme Court Justice by just 401 votes! Your vote definitely matters.

Early voting starts Oct. 20. I urge everyone to research the candidates and to vote the entire ballot, including those running for the N.C. Supreme Court. Everyone on that ballot has an impact on our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren, so know who you are voting for. You can find your sample ballot by going to

Bonnie McCarthy

Chapel Hill


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