To the Editor:

The fact-free GOP Party


A number of writers have implied that “extremists” on both sides of the political spectrum should work together to form compromises. Normally, compromise makes perfect sense — like when debates were held about taxes, spending, regulations, foreign policy, etc. However, one party makes that extremely difficult by opposing basic truths.

How specifically should Democrats work with a party that tries to gaslight us all and declares January 6th “legitimate political discourse” (Republican National Committee February, 2022), plus supports the Big Lie that Joe Biden’s 2020 election was somehow not legitimate — in spite of losing over 60 court cases that showed virtually zero fraud? And by already claiming fraud in some of the 2022 elections with no proof, while thousands of election workers are unsung heroes — just doing their jobs carefully and accurately while being intimidated and/or threatened by Republicans.

Our democracy is truly at stake when free and fair elections are denigrated for political gain. Assume the Republican Presidential candidate wins in 2024 and his/her opponent files some objections in courts, but does not prevail. What should Democrats do then — mount another insurrection??

Meanwhile, Democrats are focusing on issues that the majority — or vast majority — of citizens support, including reproductive freedom with continued access to birth control, affordable health care, protecting social security and Medicare, clean air and water, gun safety measures, marriage equality, a minimum corporate tax, ending dark money in politics, protecting social security and Medicare, and extended child care tax credits and veterans’ benefits.

One answer to cut through all the drama and deflecting is for every media source to ask more detailed questions (with follow-up) of every office holder regarding what exactly they propose to resolve our various serious problems, and specifically how their ideas would help.

Bert Bowe, Pittsboro