To the Editor:

The choice for N.C. House is Reives

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In Chatham, our state House district is facing the fastest changing time in its history. More than ever, we need sound leadership representing us at the state level.

In a rarity of modern politics, we have a good, but easy choice. I say it is a good choice because we have two candidates that are honorable men and care about our community. It is an easy choice because only one has proven time and again that he is willing to weather the tough battles to champion our best interests.

Robert Reives is the best person to represent our great county. Robert’s humble sensibility and willingness to work for the best outcomes available have been vital to our recent success and he should continue on as our voice in the state House of Representatives.

I respect Walter Petty. He is a devoted family man and cares about our community. When he was a Chatham County Commissioner, I valued the balance and pragmatism he brought to the board. Though he changed many of his viewpoints to make it through an increasingly extremist primary process, he seems like a sensible man.

The main problem with Walter Petty is that when many people in the county felt his voice was needed, he quit on us because he wasn’t getting what he wanted out of the process. Robert Reives has never stopped fighting for the interests of Chatham County citizens and as long as he is our representative, he never will.

Robert has served as the House Minority leader for the past few years. Despite facing GOP majorities, he has gone to work and battled tirelessly to achieve the best outcomes possible for all of us. It is hard to keep showing up when you know you can be steamrolled at any point, but Robert Reives has done it because we needed it.

Chatham County is now positioned to become the place we want it to be. We can add high-tech jobs and be leaders in conservation and agriculture at the same time. Guiding that scale of change will take visionary and persistent leadership.

Robert Reives is the clear choice for Chatham in November. I felt compelled to write this because I care deeply about this place and want what is best for its people. I know I share those qualities with one of the candidates for our District 54 Representative. I believe in Reives.

Jon Spoon


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