Rev. Dr. Albert Reddick

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Candidate Biographical Information

Name: Rev. Dr. Albert Reddick

Current Home Address: 328 MLK JR. BLVD

Home telephone and/or work telephone: 267-312-3722

Best daytime number:267-312-3722



Cell phone: 267-312-3722

Current occupation: Retired Hearing Officer/Investigator Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission; Retired United Methodist Senior Pastor; Research Assistant, University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work & Religion; President/CEO North Carolina Corporation, Mini Shopping center with 35 employees; currently, giving back to our community as Site Manager Windsor Arms Apartments.

Family (names & ages, as of Election Day, of immediate family members): Spouse Sandra Siler Reddick, currently giving back to her community, Site Manager, Siler School Square Apartments.

Party affiliation: Democratic Party

Current and previous elected offices held or sought & terms of service: Former mayoral candidate

Now that you’re seeking office…in 100 words or fewer.

Why are you seeking this office?: We come from various places and some from here, but we are committed to loyalty. Whether it is the hard-working folks on the farms and at the chicken plant our fun-loving friends who visit Jordan Dam or our history buffs who still read George Moses Horton’s The Hope of Liberty And we love this place and know we have enormous potential. It is this commitment of our community, each other, all people, races, and genders that has inspired me to seek to become your next commissioner.

What is your understanding of the responsibilities of the office you seek, and in 100 words or less, why do you believe you’re qualified to fill that role?: County Commissioners oversee county activities and work to ensure that citizen concerns are met, federal and state requirements are fulfilled, and county operations run smoothly. They represent the people of their district regarding issues of concern and serve not only on the board of commissioners, but sub-committees and county-elected boards and commissions. They also represent county concerns before local, state and national boards and commissions, including school boards, city councils, town boards, and state and federal offices. A good candidate would have a skill set derived from business experience and background, which would include budgeting and finance, delegating, public speaking, negotiating, effective communication, leadership, and a vision for Chatham County. My years of experience as Account Agent with Allstate Insurance Company, President/CEO of North Carolina Corporation, Hearing Officer/Investigator (legal), Research Assistant at Major University, Senior Pastor United Methodist Church, Teaching on College level/Seminary, Educational Background and Former Mayoral candidate. I believe equips me with the characteristics and capabilities to be an effective advocate for the people of Chatham.

Give us three specific, measurable and attainable goals that you would have if elected.: Increase the number of Affordable living housing units which (the county is currently at a deficit of at least 2,300 units and this number has grown since the 2008 Wooten Study), bring business to the mega site in the county, particularly Siler City to create more high paying jobs and work for cleaner water in the towns and county, preserve farmland as well as land for parks and recreation and land for schools in the immediate future.

What are the biggest challenges in Chatham right now, and how would you address them?:

Growth: Growth is a concept that is usually the desired outcome of the economic environment of a business/county, community, or region. And while we certainly welcome economic growth in Chatham County, this “growth” must come at a cost, and county-wide ability to provide resources. It is not “if we grow” but rather “how we grow”. It is where leadership and public/private cooperation matters and can make a real and sustained difference.

I prefer Economic Growth while Maintaining the integrity of the Chatham County Community: I believe Counties, Towns and Communities are either growing or dying. Rarely does a place sit still. Children either grow up to find jobs and opportunities or they leave to find somewhere else. Growth and change are inevitable. The location, affordability, and splendor of Chatham County are to enticing for growth not to occur. It will be the challenging responsibility of the County Commissioners to develop a plan for growth that schedules the pace of growth(residential, industrial and commercial) while planning for such growth the county commissioners have the added responsibility of developing said infrastructure within a budget, providing for the quality education of growing population throughout the county, ensuring accessible and affordable health and medical services, providing affordable housing and community recreational opportunities for families and lest not forget (our pets), and maintain the beautiful geographic footprint and style (farmland) of the approximate 733 square miles of Chatham County.

As your commissioner, I would certainly welcome new companies and industries that are the driver of county growth, yet with a “eyes wide open” approach that advocates for our county from a position of strength and “asset framing” that essentially lets any interested industry know, we are open for business, but in a manner that combines benefits, not just for your profits, but for our people and our planet alike. This is a growing trend known as the “Triple P” model of development.

Chatham County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. What do you see as the major challenges due to growth and how would you address them?: Chatham County is at the top of International/US News with the headline: VinFast Select Chatham County, Triangle Innovation Point for New Facility. The announcement makes North Carolina history as the largest economic development project ever announced in the State and as the state’s first OEM facility.

Parts of Chatham County’s future development plans are closely tied to the comprehensive development plan. What do you see as the next steps working toward Chatham’s future and the role of the comp plan?: The comprehensive Development plan is like a road map that guides us in our present and future development. It was developed with the input of Chatham County citizens, so I think there is general agreement that is a good guide for us to follow. By, the same token, we always need to monitor our growth and development so that if changes need to be made to this document, we have the wisdom and the will to do.

1. We must make sure that we have adequate water and wastewater treatment capacity to handle growth. This takes adequate planning.

2. Must make sure that growth doesn’t outstrip our capacity to provide adequate law enforcement, fire and rescue, affordable housing, school facilities.

3. We also have an increasing homeless population that will probably only increase with growth. How do we plan to provide housing and services to them?

What is your view of the expansion of rural broadband and how do you see the county’s role?:

We have a serious broadband infrastructure issue in rural areas of Chatham. I hear complaints all the time about from people who must use the internet for business and employment purposes, and they experience serious communication issues. Our business development efforts will be severely hindered if we do not work to increase the broadband capacity in rural areas.

As a commissioner, I would insist that the county create a digital inclusion plan, involving local citizens to ensure that all citizens and communities of the county are included in broadband expansion. I would also work with the appropriate state office we use our fair share of the Federal infrastructure funds to ensure that new technology approaches such as, Fixed Wireless Broadband can be utilized to distribute broadband into areas without installing fiber to each home.

What’s your overall view of the role of county government? Is it fulfilling its mission at present? If not, what needs to change?:

Please refer to answer to question: Adding I would like to compliment Dr Crawford on his role as an effective commissioner who was a visionary and forward thinking that I would like to continue his legacy to some extent and add that I am Proactive in issues and policy and not reactive. That is why he publicly endorsed me.

What differentiates you from your opponent which makes you the better candidate to represent your party?: Years of experience in business, Account Agent with Allstate Insurance Company, serving as a Senior Pastor United Methodist Church, President/CEO, North Carolina Corporation, Hearing Officer/Investigator (legal) with the Pennsylvania State Human Relations Commission, Research Assistant at Major University, Educational achievements, Former Mayoral candidate, serving on faculty Search committee, and love of this County.

Biographical Facts

Political/government hero: The Honorable Howard Lee 

Favorite book: “Up From Slavery”, Dr. John Hope Franklin

Book most recently read: Becoming One Volume 2, The Diversity Salad Bowl Open Mind

Hobbies: Reading, Watching Sports, historical and scientific programs, grilling out and fellowship with family and friends.

Church/civic involvement: First Missionary Baptist/ Becoming One Enrichment Center, Inc. (501c),

Personal motto or one-line philosophy: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” - Albert Einstein

Strongest childhood ambition: Owner of My own Business

Most significant life goal you’ve accomplished: Completion of BS. MS. JD & Doctorate with concentration in Community Organization/ Theology.

Goal you haven’t accomplished yet: Elected office


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