To the Editor:

Inaction on climate change will cost everyone


A 2022 analysis estimates that climate change inaction could cost the U.S. Economy $14.5 trillion, yet if it rapidly decarbonizes, we could gain $3 trillion while adding nearly 1 million jobs to the U.S. economy by 2070, according to “The Turning Point: A new economic climate in the United States.” 

Not only aspirational, but slowing climate change is our economic imperative. If global warming reaches 3°C by 2100, severe economic damages would affect every U.S. industry endangering people’s life and work due to extreme weather-damaged infrastructure, rising sea levels, heat stress and reduced agricultural production. If we choose ambitious clean energy and new technology decarbonization investments, we could see net economic gains by 2048. 

We have a narrow window — this next decade — to implement the necessary policies to correct our untenable climate trajectory. We have the capital, infrastructure, technology, skilled labor and political will needed to make this transition possible in a single generation if we invest in low-emissions growth benefitting our economy. In these midterms, vote for candidates supporting renewable energy and carbon pricing to reinforce our early progress addressing the ever-increasing costs of climate change and unlock future economic possibilities for us and the entire U.S. Please vote for climate! 

Minta Phillips



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