Hunting and fishing permit costs going up July 1

The inflation-indexed increase will see prices rise by almost 20%


The cost of North Carolina hunting and fishing permits are going up this year, the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) announced this week.

The license fees, which make up about a quarter of the agency's revenue, are rising around 20%, with the costs indexed to the rise in inflation since the last fee increase in January 2020. The revenue will go towards the NCWRC's own rising costs, which have also been affected by inflation.

The price adjustments are based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) changes, with all licenses, permits, stamps and certifications rising by 18.75% rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.

The agency says its costs of employee salaries and benefits alone have risen by around $5.6 million per year (or 6.28%) since 2020.

Example License Price Increases

Resident Annual Combined Hunting and Inland Fishing License
$35 -> $42

Annual Sportsman License
$53 -> $63

Adult Resident Lifetime Sportsman License
$530 -> $630

Resident State Hunting License
$25 -> $30

Resident State Inland Fishing License
$25 -> $30