Hood’s column was spot-on about ‘populists’

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To the Editor:

Although I am not usually a fan of the right-leaning views of John Hood and the John Locke Foundation, I must say that Mr. Hood was spot on in his description of populist rabble-rousing, whether it comes from the right or the left (“The people never spoke on statues,” Nov. 18-24).

Populists of either stripe love to portray themselves as speaking for “the people,” when in fact they are speaking for a small and misguided minority. And, as he points out, the people as a whole were never given a chance to express their views on the removal of Confederate monuments. Populists, who claim to be acting for “the people,” simply took things into their own hands and succeeded. Those who fomented the Jan. 6th riots in the Capitol claimed the same thing.

Robert Bogle


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