To the Editor:

Globuschutz corrects ‘misleading’ information in story


As much as I appreciate the chance to let the citizens of Chatham County know my platform, I want the information to be reported as it was presented (“MARCUS: He wants office to be ‘jewel’ of N.C.,” Oct. 13-19 edition).

There were a few items that were not reported accurately. The headline for my article is very misleading — “Marcus: He wants office to be ‘Jewel’ of NC.” I have stated several times on Facebook and as well at speaking events that Chatham County was the “jewel” of North Carolina. I formed this opinion based on the natural beauty that this county offers, the diverse population, and its rich heritage.

You reported I stated there were thirty five (35) overdoses from Jan. 2022 to June 2022. I have repeatedly stated there had been Fifteen (15) during that time frame with Five (5) that needed life saving measures ( Narcan/ CPR). Several quotes were taken from my Facebook page, but this information was omitted.

It was also reported a second time that I want to make the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office the “jewel” of NC. I have stated several times, My goal is to make the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office an elite agency in North Carolina.

Then, finally, I was quoted by saying “I would much rather see deputies working the roads answering calls versus working at festivals and being used as pawns for Michael’s Image.” That was not the whole quote. I stated there had been “11 deputies working at a festival and only 3 deputies were working the roads, I would much rather see 11 deputies working the roads and 3 deputies working the festival.”

I am requesting the Chatham News and Record to make the required adjustments so there can be an honest depiction of my statements. When we spoke that Saturday morning, I only asked that my statements were reported as they were presented. Please fulfill your word that you would do so.

Marcus Globuschutz
Candidate for Sheriff - Chatham County

Editor’s note: Globuschutz, like most other candidates in Chatham County, provided written responses to two different questionnaires. He also sat down for a 75-minute interview on Friday, Sept. 30, with the News + Record. Information and quotations from all three were used in the story. To provide clarification to his remarks, the number “35” in the original story has been changed to “15” in the online edition, a headline was reworded, and a correction has been posted on page A2 of this edition. The News + Record apologizes for the error.

Globuschutz’s comments about the number of Roberson’s deputies working at a festival are addressed in Part 2 of the story, in this week’s edition, which begins on page A1.