Teacher of the Week: EMILY MORAN | Virginia Cross Elementary School

Posted 9/27/19

Chatham County Educator of the Week

Grades/subjects you teach: 2nd Grade/all

Date, place of birth: Nov. 21, Siler City

Education (high school & college attended, degrees): Bachelor of …

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Teacher of the Week: EMILY MORAN | Virginia Cross Elementary School

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Chatham County Educator of the Week

Grades/subjects you teach: 2nd Grade/all

Date, place of birth: Nov. 21, Siler City

Education (high school & college attended, degrees): Bachelor of Science in Marketing from East Carolina Univeristy, Masters in Education from UNC Charlotte

Brief work history: I taught kindergarteners for nine years at a charter school in Mooresville. I have taught at VCE for four years and love 2nd grade!

Teaching honors/awards: 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year for Virginia Cross Elementary

Hobbies/interests outside teaching: Running, hiking, reading, beach time, hanging out with my family and friends, watching my daughter grow and learn.

Family: Daughter, Tilly, who is almost 8 years old

On teaching:

What led you to a career as a teacher? I have always loved connecting with children and helping them with life. I was not satisfied in the business world and knew I could make a difference teaching.

Who were your favorite teachers as you went through school, and what did you learn from them? Ms. Stone, Ms. Watkins, Mr. Oakley and Mr. Rogers. I learned many things, but most of all, I learned that people cared about me and that I could do anything I put my mind to, even if it was challenging.

Has becoming a teacher been all you expected it would be? It has been more than I expected. It has been a lot different than the days of “playing school” at my grandparent’s house. The students I teach make such an impact on me daily.

How has teaching changed since you were a student? There is a lot more technology than there was when I was young.

What “makes your day” as a teacher? The smiles and hugs from students of past years!

What’s working in schools today? There is a lot of work devoted to meeting children where they are and helping them grow to their potential.

What’s your favorite memory of your first year as a teacher? One of my favorite memories was a little girl who called and left me a message on my cell phone telling me she had lost her first tooth.

How would your “teacher” persona handle you as a student? They would definitely sit me away from my friends so I couldn’t talk so much!

Best piece of advice for other teachers? Do the best you can each day by being you and give and balance your work and personal life. Find a team and work together to reach your goals!

For students? Aim for success and meet goals for YOU. Those are the ones that last.

For parents? Read with your child every night and take time to ask them questions about their day. Have them show you what they are learning.

If you were superintendent for a day, you’d: Give a week of delayed starts!

What about your job would surprise your non-teaching friends the most? How much time and energy is put in to every little detail of the day and how much you manage not just academically, but socially and emotionally.

If you could somehow magically instill one truth into the heads of your students, what would it be? You are important and able, and always be kind.

When you think about today’s kids, you: Realize they deal with many adult problems and many challenges in life and they are quite resilient.

If one of your students was asked for a one-word description of you by a student who hadn’t had you in class, what would that one word be? Loving.

How would you summarize your teaching philosophy? I believe in engaging kids in a nurturing and loving environment while developing a mutual respect for one another and partnering with parents and other educators to create student success.

What five things must every teacher know? Sleep is worth its weight in gold; your co-workers are your biggest cheerleaders; tomorrow is a new day for you and the students; believe in yourself; take time for you

What’s special about your classroom? The kids that make up my room.

What’s special about your school? We have a school that has the hardest working, most dependable and caring staff I have ever been a part of.

Most unusual question you’ve ever gotten from a student? Did you know you could get a lot of money using cash for gold from that necklace? (Said to me about a costume necklace!)


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