Chatham Cares Community Pharmacy

Posted 9/27/19

Chatham Cares Community Pharmacy was founded in 2006 as a pharmacy which assists indigent patients who are underinsured or uninsured in receiving medications at no cost and are residents of Chatham County.

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Chatham Cares Community Pharmacy

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How will Chatham Cares use United Way donor dollars?

Chatham Cares Community Pharmacy was founded in 2006 as a pharmacy which assists indigent patients who are underinsured or uninsured in receiving medications at no cost and are residents of Chatham County. With our efforts we are strengthening the community in its health needs. As a result of our work, we have given patients the medications they need. The end product of this has been a reduction in physician visits, hospital emergency room visits, and hospital admissions.

We have been able to accomplish our goals to help those in poverty through various grants and partnerships with agencies such as United Way. With these dollars, we have been able to purchase medications and pay salaries for our two paid employees.

Why is this program essential to Chatham County?

Chatham County’s story is a tale of “two counties.” Many residents in north and eastern areas of our county have more income and resources than those in our southern and western areas. In areas such as Siler City, Bear Creek, Goldston, Bennett and Moncure, many of our patients exist in poverty. Statistics for 2018 Chatham County Assessment indicated a population of 73,000 with an uninsured rate of 14.2 percent and a poverty rate of 10.3 percent. In 2018 we served 444 residents of our county with needed prescriptions which add an estimated retail value of $1.7 million. Our efforts in the pharmacy have resulted in helping and educating them and helping them find insurance who are borderline to the poverty level.

How does the program make a difference in the community?

The need of our services in Chatham County is large, but we know that our pharmacy has impacted the lives of many of our residents in invaluable ways. Many people don’t understand that some of our residents live with the thought process of “can I afford my rent, food, bills and medications this month?” Sometimes one or more of these life-sustaining needs goes unanswered each month.

Can you share a success story?

A husband had a stroke at 55 years old and was out of work for months. He need medications to help prevent another stroke and keep blood pressure stable, but had no insurance to purchase these medications, and his wife was in need of daily maintenance medications to keep her in good health. The family was struggling with being able to afford food, pay bills and buy medication. Churches helped but then they came to us and we were able to supply their medications free to them until husband was able to go back to work.

Our service has helped this family get back on their feet. The husband is back at work with his same company doing great and now has insurance for both of them. The family was so appreciative that the wife contacted us to thank us for all we had done for them during their struggling time and they no longer needed our services. The wife said that someone else can now take our place. The wife and husband were so thankful to us they have donated to us and brought us baked goods.


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