Candidate filing continues for municipal races

Posted 7/18/19

Filing for municipal races in Chatham County slowed to a trickle this week following a robust start two weeks ago. Elections for mayoral and town board representatives for Goldston, Pittsboro, and …

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Candidate filing continues for municipal races

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Filing for municipal races in Chatham County slowed to a trickle this week following a robust start two weeks ago. Elections for mayoral and town board representatives for Goldston, Pittsboro, and Siler City will take place in the fall.


During the second week of filing, no one filed for the open seats on the Pittsboro town board.

Earlier during the filing period, Pittsboro resident Jim Nass filed for Pittsboro Mayor to replace current Mayor Cindy Perry, who announced last month she would not be seeking re-election.

Pittsboro residents Kyle Shipp and Pam Cash-Roper filed previously for one of the three open seats on the Pittsboro Board of Commissioners.

J.A. “Jay” Farrell, Bett Wilson Foley and John Bonitz’s terms expire this year, and none have yet filed. The terms for Mayor Pro-Tem Pamela Baldwin and Commissioner Michael Fiocco are up in 2021.

Siler City

Commissioner Bill Haiges (District 4), filed for re-election last week. Haiges, who works in the information technology industry, was appointed to fill John Grimes’ unexpired term following his election as Mayor in November 2013.

“I joined the Board because I was tired of just complaining about what I felt was lacking in Siler City and decided I wanted to be part of the solution,” Haiges said. “My goal is to serve the residents of Siler City and to realize our vision of Siler City as a safe, prosperous and vibrant community where diversity, innovation, and education drive success in a globally competitive society. We have come a long way in the last 6 years and I look forward to what the next 4 years can bring.”

Last week, Timothy Brown filed for the Siler City District 3 seat currently held by Michael Constantino. Brown, who works at Coty LLC in Sanford, has previously served as LT. Governor and Governor of the local Moose Lodge Chapter.

“I’m running for office to better the town and bring people closer together,” Brown said. “I would like to see the revitalization of downtown complete and thriving so families of all walks of like can be safe and enjoy the community they live in. I would also like to achieve the goal of more community involvement in local and county governments.”

Constantino, who filed earlier for re-election, is facing two opponents — Timothy Brown, as well as Curtis Brown who filed last Monday.

Siler City Mayor John Grimes filed earlier for re-election to his post. He is being challenged by Jackie Adams, who also filed for the position.

Siler City Mayor Pro-Tem Larry Cheek, (District 2) and Thomas (Chip) Price, (At-large) both filed for re-election early in the filing period.

Cheek, Constantino, Price, and Haiges are the four commissioner slots that are up for re-election. Commissioners Tony Siler, Lewis Fadely and Cindy Burke Bray have terms that end in 2021.


Goldston residents will have the opportunity to vote for two different boards in November — Goldston’s Town Board and the Goldston-Gulf Sanitary District Board.

Previously, Goldston Commissioner Steve Cunnup (Ward 2) filed for re-election. Mayor Tim Cunnup has not yet filed but told the News + Record he intends to seek re-election for his ninth term in the role.

Charles Fields III’s Ward 4 seat will also be up for re-election. The terms for Commissioners Wayne Woody, Lynn Gaines and Jonathan Hensley end in 2021.

Danny Scott, filed last week for re-election to the Goldston-Gulf Sanitary District Board. Scott has been on the water board for six years and prior to that served on the town board for nine years.

“I enjoy being on [the board],” Scott said. “We have been working on a lot of [water/sewer] improvements, like this new water tower we are building. I would like to be on the board and make sure that’s completed.”

The Goldston-Gulf Sanitary District Board will have three of its five members up for re-election — Ricky Beal, Henry Kitchings and Danny Scott. Board members Jane Owens and Adam Pickett have terms that end in 2021.

Candidates for all of these municipal elections can file for office through July 19. Any registered voter who resides within the municipal boundaries is eligible to file to run for office. Filing fees range from $5-15 depending on the municipality and the office sought. The early voting period is Oct. 16-Nov. 1. For more information about filing for office, registering to vote, or voting in the upcoming election, visit the Chatham County Board of Elections website at or call the office at 919-545-8500.

Reporter Casey Mann can be reached at


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