Can we try cooperation instead of confrontation?


To the Editor:

First, a big thank you to the Chatham News + Record and Ms. Heeden for the informative two-part series about Pittsboro’s water (Dec. 22-28, Dec. 29-Jan. 5 editions). Her account of the efforts of Mayor Perry, Commissioner Bonitz, Haw River Assembly Executive Director Chiosso, Pittsboro Town Manager Kennedy, Dr. Platt and microbiologist Bryant (bet she is a Dr. too) is very encouraging.

As an early member (#155) of Chatham Marketplace, I am very proud that the current leadership installed a reverse osmosis filtration system and a filling station available to all. These are obviously people who place service above self, and they are to be commended by all in our community.

If I understand correctly, the 17-member Pittsboro Water Quality Task Force concluded that there were known sources of contamination in Reidsville, Burlington and Greensboro, and that the “most efficient way to knuckle down on these contaminants was to stop them at the source.” I agree completely.

May I be so bold as to suggest a cooperative approach rather than a confrontation?

There is obviously a wealth of talent and expertise on this Task Force. An offer of that talent to whomever is releasing PFAS and 1,4-dioxane into the waste water would be very hard to turn down, especially if it were combined with economic support from the four cities involved. This might create a permanent partnership and prevent future costs for treatment at all four community waste water treatment facilities and make safe drinking water. The Haw River will continue to flow into Jordan Lake.

Save confrontation and legal fees for failure of face-to-face alliance.

Dr. John Dykers
Siler City


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