Educator of the Week: Angie Brigham | Bennett School

Posted 3/6/20

Grades/subjects you teach: Third grade

E-mail address:

Date, place of birth: Sept. 8, Lexington

Education (high school & college attended, degrees): Faith …

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Educator of the Week: Angie Brigham | Bennett School

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Grades/subjects you teach: Third grade

E-mail address:

Date, place of birth: Sept. 8, Lexington

Education (high school & college attended, degrees): Faith Christian School; Elon University, Bachelors Degree

Brief work history: Two years at Chatham Academy, seven years at Robbins Elementary, 18 years at Bennett School

Honors/awards: Two-time teacher of the year at Bennett School

Hobbies/interests outside of educating: Reading, walking, spending time with my two girls

Family: Husband and two daughters

What led you to a career in education?: I always wanted to be a teacher. Played school all the time when I was little. My mother was a preschool teacher.

Who were your favorite teachers as you went through school, and what did you learn from them?: Mrs. Boniface. She had a lot of patience and spent numerous hours outside the classroom helping students.

Has becoming an educator been all you expected it would be?: Yes

How has education changed since you were a student?: A lot more is expected from students.

What “makes your day” as an educator?: When something “clicks” with a student and they are so proud of their accomplishments.

What’s working in schools today?: Meeting the needs of individual students, small group lessons and incorporating a lot of technology.

What’s not working?: Students are being tested too much.

What’s your favorite memory of your first year in education?: Teaching non-readers how to read.

Best piece of advice for other educators?: Get to know your kids, and let them know you.

For students?: It’s OK to make mistakes and ask for help.

For parents?: Encourage and support your child, but don’t give them an easy out.

What about your job would most surprise your friends who are not educators?: How much time is spent on school work outside the classroom. There is never a dull moment in the classroom.

If you could somehow magically instill one truth into the heads of your students, what would it be?: Always do your best work even when no one is watching.

If one of your students was asked for a one-word description of you by a student who hadn’t had you as an educator, what would that one word be?: Kind.

Favorite movie about school or education: “The Breakfast Club.”

How would you summarize your philosophy as an educator?: I believe an outstanding teacher accommodates the academic, social and emotional needs of their students. The classroom experience is exciting and memorable for the students. Being a teacher requires a lot of patience, good communication skills, problem solving and the ability to motivate students. It requires thinking outside the box, lots of hands-on-learning and hours of thoughtful planning.

What five things must every educator know?: Have a positive attitude, good relationship with students, consistency, clear expectations and teach different learning styles.

What’s special about your school?: Teachers collaborate and share ideas.

Most unusual question you’ve ever gotten from a student?: Did you help out during the Civil War?


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