Chatham@Work: Lindsay Ray, Chatham County Manager's Office

Posted 5/24/19

Chatham@Work with Lindsay Ray, clerk to the Chatham County Board of Commissioners and assistant to the County Manager

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Chatham@Work: Lindsay Ray, Chatham County Manager's Office

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About Lindsay Ray: A native of Sanford, Ray works as clerk to the Chatham County Board of Commissioners and assistant to the County Manager. A graduate of Hickory High School, Ray attended N.C.State University, but did not complete her studies due to health concerns. She has since returned to higher education and is a junior at UNC Pembroke. Ray has worked for Chatham County for seven and a half years.

“I am one of 100 people in the state of North Carolina with this job,” she said. “Clerks form a very special bond because we all share similar responsibilities and experiences. I feel so lucky to be a member of the North Carolina Association of County Clerks where I currently serve on the Board of Directors.”

Ray is the daughter of Dr. Judith Thomas Ray and the late Zollie Aubrey “Buddy” Ray. She has an older sister and a younger brother. Her sister and brother-in-law have three children who are the loves of her life. She also has two cats that were rescued from the Chatham County Animal Shelter and that bring her “so much joy.”

What was your most embarrassing moment at work?

A few years ago I microwaved a hardboiled egg. I got back to my office and stuck it with a fork and it exploded everywhere. It was so loud everyone thought a shot had been fired. It was really funny but quite a mess.

Who is your personal hero?

I can’t name just one. My mother and father, former County Manager Renee Paschal and President Jimmy Carter.

On a snow day, you’d stay home and binge-watch:

Parks and Recreation

Dogs or cats?


Favorite N.C. celebrity?

Zach Galifianakis

What’s the most amazing thing about you that most people wouldn’t have guessed?

That I suffer from bipolar disorder and work as hard as I can to help others struggling with mental illness. I am a mentor to one woman and a member of the support system for two others. Mental Health Awareness is my biggest passion.

What’s your favorite athletic team, and why?

The Carolina Panthers because they are the home team and the games are very exciting.

The TV program that’s a “must-see” for you:

Game of Thrones

Your favorite movie of all time:

The Princess Bride

How many hours per week do you spend online?

Because of school I would say at least 20.

If money weren’t an object, but you still had to work, what would your job be?

I would start a free daycare. Child care is so expensive and I don’t see how some people make it out of poverty when they have to pay for child care.

What radio station do you listen to most frequently?

Lithium on XM Radio — 90s alternative and grunge.

If you were ever to seek political office, you’d run for:

I used to want to run for President but now I would like to be an Ambassador for the United States.

Your ideal vacation would be:

Taking my entire family on a tropical vacation where we can play in the ocean and snorkel all day.

Your strongest childhood ambition was:

To become President of the United States in 2016

Your ideal dinner guest list (living or dead, up to six invitees) includes:

So I actually would need to invite seven. I would invite my four heroes and my two nieces and nephew. I would love for them to have dinner with my heroes.

One food you’ll never be caught eating:

I’ll eat anything – at least try anything.

What’s the best way you know to spend $20?

Donate it to a deserving charity.

The most famous person you’ve ever met:

Jimmy Carter at a book signing.

The best advice you ever got was:

From my Mom – “Nothing good happens after 12 a.m.”

Describe your life philosophy in six words or less:

Positivity is fuel, negativity is kryptonite.


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