2019 Candidate Questionnaire - COMMISSIONER, TOWN OF SILER CITY

Curtis Brown

Posted 10/4/19

Curtis Brown

Date/place of birth: Jan. 14, 1959, in Chatham Hospital

Current occupation: Retired working some part-time

Campaign website/social media: Curtis Brown/ Facebook

Work …

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2019 Candidate Questionnaire - COMMISSIONER, TOWN OF SILER CITY

Curtis Brown

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Curtis Brown

Date/place of birth: Jan. 14, 1959, in Chatham Hospital

Current occupation: Retired working some part-time

Campaign website/social media: Curtis Brown/ Facebook

Work Experience: 29 years with the Town of Siler City and now work part-time at Welford Harris Ford in Siler City.

Family: Wife Mindy M. Brown, sister Carol McPherson (Mike), brother-Law Sam Millsaps (Angela & Spencer), several cousins.

Party affiliation: This is a non-partisan election.

Current and previous elected offices held or sought & terms of service: Appointed to Planning Board/Board of Adjustment 2011. Still there.

Campaign manager (if applicable):N/A

Campaign treasurer (if applicable):N/A

Why are you seeking this office?: Because of my knowledge I feel I can contribute to the betterment of The Town of Siler City. I love Siler City.

What is your understanding of the responsibilities of the office you seek, and in one sentence, why do you believe you’re qualified to fill that role?: To make good long-term decisions for the citizens. Many years of experience in Utility Management. Working knowledge of the Town.

One of the most important decisions that elected officials make is on the annual budget, which includes spending and tax rates. Do you have a budgeting philosophy? What’s more important to you—spending more to allocate resources to needed programs or cutting spending and keeping the tax rate low?: My philosophy is to increase the tax base, but you must allocate resources to attract industry. For example, stabilize the water supply and wastewater capacity. Mountaire is a good example. They chose Siler City because at the time we could supply the water and sewer. Industries create jobs. Jobs create consumers. Consumers want to purchase homes, vehicles, groceries, tires, etc. That supports businesses, grows the tax base and increases water and wastewater revenue. All our citizens and Town Departments will benefit.

Give us two goals that are specific, measurable and attainable you would have if elected: 1. We must get the auxiliary water supply operational. Two-fold purpose. It is inevitable that we will experience another drought and the system is not ready. Second purpose need auxiliary flow to slow down the water plant so the filters can be replaced and upgrade some aging equipment. 2. We have a golden opportunity to get ahead of the game and start the permitting process for the wastewater plant. It takes a long time to get the process going. There are engineering design and environmental reviews before you can even initiate the permit. I was involved in the 1988-1994 expansion and I believe I can help move this forward.

The Commissioners’ main responsibility is to place votes on issues crucial to the town. What would be your philosophy on choosing whether or not to vote for an item? Do you have an example of a similar decision in the past?: Well, I have not become a Commissioner yet, but in my role on the Planning Board we have tried to make the UDO and permitting process as simple as possible. I would always vote on items that are in the best interest of the majority of the citizens of Siler City. 

What role do you believe a Town Commissioner plays in economic development?: Very important. You must make long-term decisions that will make the Town more attractive. We are responsible for taxation, appropriations, ordinances, and other general functions. Must stay in contact with county, state and federal agencies.

What do you think are Siler City’s three best features?: We have the largest utility system. Good access to Hwy. 64 and 421. Mostly good, moral people.

What are three areas where Siler City can improve?: 1. Vote in municipal elections. Too many of us don’t vote at the government level that most affects our actual lives daily. 2. Speak at City Hall in support of something good for your community and town, rather than just going to oppose things. 3. Volunteer

If you are not elected, what steps will you take to serve Siler City?: I will continue to serve on the Planning Board. Make suggestions to the Town Board. Continue to volunteer with the Council on Aging.

Biographical Facts

Political/government hero: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Favorite book: “Grateful American” by Gary Sinise

Book most recently read: “Grateful American”

Favorite film: “Saving Private Ryan”

Hobbies: Hunting/target practice. Anything regarding history.

Church/civic involvement: Pleasant Grove. Siler City Jaycees (aged out)

Personal motto or one-line philosophy: Managers grow numbers; leaders grow people.

Strongest childhood ambition: NASA was the thing growing up, so I was fascinated with space.

Most significant life goal you’ve accomplished: Married the one I loved.

Goal you haven’t accomplished yet: No answer

Curtis Brown

Curtis Brown


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