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I don’t understand why the N&R would publish this article to validate this behavior. What the pastor fails to understand is that the pandemic and our fight against. The only reason not to get vaccinated is if your doctor advises against it because of your health situation. Getting the vaccine was our best defense against COVID. Attitudes like the one held by this pastor contributed to many deaths from COVID that didn’t need to happen, as these people expressed their regrets alone on their death beds in a hospital, “I should have gotten the vaccine,” they would say. Getting the vaccine was a compassionate response to our country being attacked by a vicious enemy; COVID-19. I got the vaccine to fight this enemy and help my fellow American. And to this end, even if my doctor said there were a remote chance of adverse effects, I still would have gotten vaccinated. Our grandparents were the “Greatest Generation.” I’m beginning to believe we are the worst, but I still have hope that we can redeem ourselves, but not with articles like this. Shame.

From: Not vaccinated, but cautious. Here’s our family’s story.

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