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With the political season ramping up, the volume — and the accompanying velocity — of sleight-of-hand, obfuscation, deceits and even outright lies continues its long run toward a November … more
I’m part of the generation of prizes, gold stars and words of affirmation. Once I graduated from grade school, I realized how ill-prepared that made me for life’s unavoidable … more
I was startled — a better descriptor might be “shaken” — one morning this past week after opening an email newsletter which included a picture of a sports figure I know. “Mercy,” I … more
I’m grateful to The Chatham News + Record for its coverage of the Black Lives Matter billboard in Pittsboro. The owner of the land along the highway wished to fly a Confederate flag but not lease … more
As concerns grow over how we will vote in November, and how to vote safely during the current pandemic, the U.S. Postal Service has become a political football as never before in its centuries of … more
I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was between semesters at UNC after having flunked out for about the 18th time. That was entirely my fault. Too much cutting class and shooting pool at … more
To the Editor: One of the members of the Chatham County Republican Party is a victim of child sexual abuse. She wanted to personally tell her story and advocate for abuse survivors but is afraid … more
To the Editor: Our police are being killed and assaulted! Some of our Black, white and brown children are being shot and killed. Where are the protesters on behalf of our law enforcement that … more
To the Editor: U.S. institutions are wrongfully accused of “Systemic Racism” in daily media broadcasts. Systemic racism denotes a fundamental social practice diverted to a racial advantage. … more
To the Editor: Trump deliberately disrupted our U.S. Postal Service. Slowing post office efficiency in order to prevent absentee voting by mail in time for the election is un-American. Trump is … more
To the Editor: Thank you to Main Street Pittsboro’s hard-working volunteer board for their past hard work and collaborating to develop the new Welcome Center at the circle. These folks … more
To the Editor: The president of our company shared from his father’s experiences in World War II. It is an insider’s glimpse into the USA’s part in defeating the twin threats of … more
I recently became a first-time dog owner by entering a golden retriever rescue and leaving with a Chabrador. That sounds like a terrifying Pokémon character, but I promise she is a very sweet dog. … more
Gather ‘round, folks. Pull up a chair. Let’s get settled in and talk about a subject on which we can all finally agree. Masks. Who wants to start? I’m kidding, of course. I’ll start … more
To the Editor: Frank Dunphy’s letter (“Socialism and progressivism spread poverty,” Aug. 6-12 edition) requires a response. It was a pedantically written argument against two … more
For practically all my adult life, I’ve made my living by using words. It’s either been on the pages of this newspaper, or another one or two from time to time, or in magazines, or in … more
First of all, I have no advice. We are starting school in the throes of a pandemic. We have no recipe to follow. You don’t need a lecture from me. What you really need is chocolate! But since … more
To The Editor: I found John Hood’s op-ed piece (“Government’s basic tasks need doing,” News + Record, July 30) disingenuous. He complains that government institutions are “rotten,” but … more
To the Editor: Socialism (authoritarian government and communal ownership) providing “for all” is embraced by progressives (i.e., Medicare for all, free healthcare and higher education for … more
To the Editor: Today I felt as if I received two punches to the gut! Most days I feel discouraged about the present state of politics, but today is different somehow. Maybe it’s reading that … more
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