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Newspapers face another big election. It’s about them. While the United States is riveted by a most unusual presidential election, the newspaper industry is running to win the hearts, minds … more
To the Editor: Race and nation have different definitions. Twins can each establish a nation, but having the same mother, they are one race. Therefore, Genesis Chapter 25, Verse 23, is of no … more
A few weeks ago, my neighbor woke up to frantic knocking on her door. I’m standing there with a pack of arrows in my hand. “Can I borrow your houseplants for a few hours?” I ask her. … more
To the Editor: Robert Thomas is running for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 4. A strong supporter of the Second Amendment, he is for building the wall in opposing illegal immigration … more
October 15 this year is a Thursday. Sixty-six years ago, it was a Friday ... and what a Friday it was. Maybe it’s human nature, a natural reaction to compare things. Fishermen like to catch … more
What do President Donald Trump and the lead character of Nicholas Sparks’ latest book have in common? Hint: Walter Reed Medical Center. Both the president and Trevor Benson, the fictional … more
To the Editor: You might be surprised to see a doctor writing a prescription for healthy voting, but you shouldn’t be. The COVID-19 pandemic has made voting itself a health issue in 2020. Just … more
If you long for January, when things were “normal,” you are not alone. We may not have liked everything then, but we at least knew how to navigate our lives. Since March everything has turned … more
North Carolina, like most of the country, has become increasingly polarized in our political thinking and behavior. But what does that really mean? Well, we know it doesn’t mean that all North … more
Election season energizes me. I inventory the issues that are most important to me and consider the candidates who will best express my values in their public work. My wife and I plan the best time … more
“Now I’ve been crying lately, thinking about the world as it is. Why must we go on hating?” Those lyrics are from the song “Peace Train” written by Cat Stevens in 1971, but the verses … more
It’s time to get motivated, folks! We can kick this pandemic’s butt by busting out of bed, slapping on a smile and grabbing life by the horns. OK, great. Now that I have your attention, … more
There are lots of big words in the world today. For instance, there’s “encyclopedia.” I learned to spell that one from watching the Mickey Mouse Club — the original one — back around … more
To the Editor: It’s been said that this fall’s election is the most important in a generation. In the words of songwriter Paul Simon, “I do believe it, I do believe it’s true.” Election … more
One of the more flattering (and humbling) aspects of being a columnist is that readers will respond to you, often with thought-provoking comments. My column “Reckoning with racism,” received one … more
To the Editor: I was born and raised on the Cherokee Indian Reservation. I am a tribal member — born 1932 — and I would like to say a few words to the Black and white people. When I was living … more
I saw a T-shirt last week that, were it not for the profanity on it, I might like to have. It said (and obviously I paraphrase a bit): “Wine: the glue that holds the $#*!storm of 2020 … more
There are many things I miss in today’s coronavirus pandemic world of shutdown and back-off. I miss going to my favorite greasy spoon without wondering if it’s safe to settle in for a good … more
Growing up, my parents actively discouraged me from playing video games … until the Nintendo Wii arrived. This new gadget allowed players to exercise while playing innocuous virtual games like … more
We have not one but two “Plandemic” conspiracy theory films, both of which falsely assert that the coronavirus was “planned” by powerful people in order to make their fortune. Even though … more
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