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Beside my bedroom, bathroom and a 16-mile hall, the rest of my flat is an open floor plan. I could have had just a giant living room, or a living room/barroom combo that the last tenant decided … more
New York-style, Chicago deep dish ... they are all well and good, but if you want to meet a tribe deadly serious about “pie,” come to New Jersey. (Although if we were being honest, I … more
Years ago, I got an email from my editor about a bloggers’ luncheon in the Fairview dining room at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham. She asked if I was interested. Yes, on so many … more
Gentle Reader, I’d like to tell you about a friend of mine from my junior high years in San Diego. Her name was Debbie Zinn. In my eyes, she was fearless and glamorous. She was always … more
PITTSBORO — Gilda McDaniel keeps games like “Mailbox Madness” and “Fowl Shot” in her garage all year round. Strewn next to the games are dozens of painted wooden … more
One is a relative newcomer that comes with many names and in many colors. The second is so ubiquitous at the holidays that it has become almost an American inside joke. And the third has been … more
Chopped is a show on Food Network. Four chefs are confronted by three baskets with four mystery foodstuffs in each. With them, they must cook an appetizer course, then main course, and finally … more
When I went to high school, I lived in Elizabeth City. Way back then, we had horse-less carriages and gas was only about 50 cents a gallon.  So, on the weekend, we would hop into our vehicles … more
Honestly, it’s a wonder I could look another chicken egg in the face once my dad explained how babies were born. And Gentle Reader, I think the preceding statement gives you a pretty good … more
I always offer a bit of advice for the uninitiated at my mother’s dinner table. If you’re really hungry and want a lot more, tell her you want a little more. If you only want a little … more
So, I had a theory, that then took a hard left. Although I love frosting, and think it should be a food group (whole grains, lean protein, buttercream…) cream cheese is pretty low on my … more
These days I eat a dinner salad three or four days a week. That wasn’t always the case. In my life, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with salads of all types. When I was a kid, … more
Here’s a piece of trivia for you: Chapel Hill native James Taylor got his start by playing and singing as a teenager at a local institution, Merritt’s Grill. In 1929, Ruby and Eben … more
“I like pork chops.” For some, that statement is the equivalent of a fireworks and marching band declaration. I grew up eating chops made with the store-bought crumb mixture. But … more
I was born with what I believe is a legitimate congenital defect. The technical, Latin nomenclature for this is (or should be) Lingua Infans , or “Baby Tongue.” Regardless of … more
Cherished Gentle Readers, you may not know this, but you are not alone. In addition to writing for the Chatham News and Record, I also pen columns for the newspapers in Sanford and … more
Puerto Ricans have their own version of the warming, life-affirming chicken soup made by Jewish grandmothers. Only it’s a drink, which is a heck of a lot more fun, and way tastier. It’s a … more