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I was sincerely bummed, Gentle Reader. It was my birthday, but not only were the Matthews Family Band stuck at our respective homes and unable to make the trip to Greensboro to celebrate with … more
In my daydreams, I’m glamorous and alluring. Late at night, after an exclusive party, my driver brings me home to my large tastefully-decorated apartment in a luxury building in Art Deco … more
The chicken recipe I developed produce tenders that are delicious and always cooked to juicy perfection. more
The Curious Cook's take on an "Our State" recipe. more
More than waiting in line, outside, in the summer, more than blisters from new shoes, more than adding up my American Express bill each month, I hate wasting food. More than a frosted lemonade, … more
The Kid is a beer lover. Not in a Homer Simpson, I-drink-my-weight-in-brewskis-on-a-weekly-basis kind of way. More in a, “I will lecture you about microbreweries IPAs and stouts until you’re … more
Some foods aren’t worth making if you don’t make a huge amount. Most of those kinds of dishes were originally peasant-type dishes. Peasants traditionally have very little money. They do, … more
Growing up, we were a Parkay family. Anything that called for butter — mashed potatoes, toast, vegetables, pan-frying — it was all conducted with a tub of margarine. (Who knows how many pounds of … more
This week’s talk with Chef Virginia Willis marks the end of the pandemic conversation series with many of my favorite, most respected, role model chefs. But just like the virus itself, there … more
Here are the first 10 questions for Chef Virginia Willis. It’s a peek into the mind of a celebrity chef. When it’s going to be a while before you make a grocery run, what’s your favorite … more
Virginia Willis is a chef’s chef. Everyone has watched a show she had a hand in. She’s worked with names like Julia Child, Bobby Flay and Nathalie Dupree. She is the author of multiple cookbooks … more
Two years ago, I was prescient. I wish I could say it was in the stock market, or foreknowledge of lottery numbers, but I can’t. It was about entertaining during a quarantine — sort of. For … more
If you told any of my friends from Elizabeth City that I’m a pretty good cook, and even have food columns in not one, not two, but three newspapers, they’d laugh themselves right into the … more
Brown Sugar Fudge, perfect for beginners - from America’s Test Kitchen’s Cook’s Illustrated’s 2010 Holiday Issue. more
This time it’s personal. I’ve known Chef Chrissie for approximately 147 years. We met when I was 9. He was my best friend’s big, jerky brother. For years I thought we had a mutual … more
Chef Gray Brooks owns three eateries: Littler, Pizzeria Toro and my favorite Durham restaurant — Jack Tar and the Colonel’s Daughter, located at 202 N. Corcoran St. I think it’s because Jack … more
Welcome, Gentle Reader. This week another of my chef role models answers two simple pandemic-related questions. Meet Chef Joanne Weir. It all started at the turn of the last century at a … more
A couple of weeks ago, I had an idea. I contacted some chefs, some famous, some not, but each of them is a highly admired role model chef to me. I asked each of them the same two questions. … more
My first bagel was eaten at the table of Michael Weiss, an old boyfriend. I was 11. I love all things bread. So when Michael’s mom gave us bagels and a block of cream cheese, I was as … more
My mom makes amazing pies. Her apple, pecan, and lemon merengue are pies of family legend. But she never makes her own crust. She uses the boxed Pillsbury crusts found in the dairy section of the … more
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