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This is the only recipe that I offer every year, because these cookies are spectacularly, astonishingly delicious. But their very humble looks are infinitely deceiving. Finished, they look less … more
Here’s some stuff that makes me madder than the near-sighted snake who married a garden hose: Shoe sales that never have any size 10’s. Evil incarnate Carmen, who keeps calling about … more
Last Sunday, my friend Darby and I went to Banner Elk and Valle Crucis. At supper time, we went to a place close to Mast General Store. We were very excited to try a dish that we had never heard … more
Tonight was supposed to be one of The Kid’s and my fave meals. We were going to The Dog House, which is, shockingly, a hot dog stand that is in various locations around Durham. There are two … more
On Saturdays, the dealership buys us lunch so that we don’t have to try and go out on the busiest day of the week. They have it catered for us. They get it from various restaurants in the … more
After almost three years, and two vaccinations and a booster, with no scientific evidence whatsoever, I was convinced I was immune to COVID.. Yeah, sure. About three weeks ago at work, I began … more
I’m an Aries, which is a fire sign, so according to every horoscope I’ve ever read (actually, TBH, I’m not that into it, so really, not many) the clothes I wear, the polish on my nails, my … more
When I was a kid, we lived in the South for a while at various times. And as any human who has been to some type of group eat situation (anything from a baby shower, funeral lunch, bridge game, to … more
The Murphies. I know that’s not the grammatically-correct spelling, but it’s the way I spell it in my head, like one might refer to a bizarre phenomenon, some type of a rare celestial event, … more
In Jersey, they have diners. Out west, they have coffee shops. I’ve eaten at both, and they both have wonderful things to offer. Diners have gargantuan menus... the kind of menu that makes … more
When the Hispanic population got large enough in our area to support markets, my town started getting grocery stores which cater to them and carry many foods that are impossible to find in regulation … more
More than waiting in line, outside, in the summer, more than blisters from new shoes, more than adding up my American Express bill each month, I hate wasting food. More than a frosted lemonade, … more
My Smart Car-sized pooch, Crowley, spent the weekend with me. We walked miles around my apartment. It was great, mainly because I’ve been missing my boy, but I also missed the long walks we’d … more
When my dad retired from the Coast Guard, he was a Master Chief. This is equivalent to Master Chief in the Navy and Master Sergeant in the Army and Marines. But compared to those other branches, … more
So, I’ve got two recipes and a really good idea for a third. And they all start with the same dish: a really unctuous comfort bowl of cabbage and spaetzle. And it’s all made possible by the … more
This missive, Gentle Reader, was supposed to be one of those “Here’s your starting point, but go ahead and change anything to suit your taste” recipes. This time a bowl. But it’s … more
I’ll bet, Gentle Reader, that occasionally (probably after reading something I’ve written that is particularly entitled, ill-informed, or dog forbid, deeply unfunny) you might have pondered to … more
“Then why did I make so much food?” ­— my mother, failing to convince her dinner guests to take their weight in “sauce-shez pepp” with meatballs, salads (this is my mother I’m … more
Gentle Reader, the other day I yelled at a co-worker in the middle of our showroom. I know; it surprised the heck out of me, too. I have never, in all the co-workers I’ve had, yelled at a … more
It’s another egg column. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I had a horrible May at the dealership. And when you work on 100% commission, if you don’t produce, what can be a very … more
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